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Billabong Boardgamers December 15th, 1997

Present: Julian, David, Alan, Janet, Doug, Donna

Previous session report

Doug Adams writes:

Enough players tonight to get a couple of tables going, so our reporters in the field will be giving us an account of the action during the day (hopefully).

We played Extinction, Die Siedler Kartenspiel and El Grande during the evening. Extinction was the only game new to me, and it was quite an interesting game about raising herds of plant eating dinosaurs, and protecting them from the carnosaurs. David will be providing a report of all the prehistoric action.


David writes:

Well, Doug has probably already posted his session report for last night for El Grande, and I am providing the details of what else was played.

Extinction - Doug, David, Janet, Alan, Julian:- I picked this up in a game sale (along with a lot more) for Aus $4!!! It looked like fun, so I brought it along. After an abortive first attempt ( I missed the rule which says that you only pick up one card after your turn, so the first few players replaced all cards played!), we settled down to a real game. The object is to score the most points for herds of plant-eating dinosaurs. Cards which prevent this are Catastrophes, Meat-eating dinosaurs, egg-eating dinosaurs (you need eggs to add to an existing herd).

Alan got off to a good start which our combined efforts could do little about. This was everyone's first game, and it showed, though all seemed to enjoy it. Features of the game are End Of Period cards (Triassic, Jurassic, Cretaceous) which are like Wertung cards, and the drawing of cards from 5 face-up cards or a face-down pile (similar to Airlines, Elfenroads). You score as herds are played, and when End Of Period cards appear. Bonuses are scored if the dinosaur belongs in the Period being scored, for getting 4 herds into play and for getting a large (4 or more) herd into play).

Scores:- Alan 83, Doug 70, Janet 59, David 59, Julian 52.

Later, Alan & David played a 2 player game: David 92, Alan 70. This time I had the good start and Alan couldn't do much to catch me. Definitely better with more players, but ok-ish with 2. A game that should make it's appearance as a regular filler.

Die Sielder Kartenspiel

David writes:

Alan & David played this one between the games of Extinction, whilst the others played El Grande.

This was my 3rd game of the Settlers Cardgame, and Alan's 2nd. Within half an hour things were looking grim for me as Alan had 4 expansion cards down, plus a road, and had the strongest Knight & Tournament strength. The only things I seemed to do right was using a scout to pick out some choice lands for my new villages, but I continued to lag behind the whole game. Alan again held the Colossus in his hand, but always had something better to build. He soon had the Market under his control, both Klosters (giving him a hand of 5 to my 3, though later I got the Library), and the bonus resources just rolled in for him. It got to 11 points to 7 before Alan was able to finish me off with some humble city upgrade.

I always enjoy playing this one, though this time I couldn't get enough right. Alan made better use of purchases a card pick with 2 resources, especially early in the game. Perhaps that was it...Alan?

El Grande

Doug writes:

Later in the evening, while David and Alan were having a game of Die Siedler Kartenspiel we settled down for a game of El Grande. I hadn't played it since March, and had only played it socially, more or less, with family and friends. Julian was the only new player to this game and he was quite surprised by just how good it is. He admitted after the game he expected it to be quite boring, but he was fully engrossed throughout the play.

The early game saw Donna, Julian and Doug jump out to about 10 points before the first scoring round came around. Julian and Donna did very well out of the first scoring round, and they left Doug trailing by about 10, with Janet a further 10 behind Doug.

Turns 4 to 6 saw a lot of Caballeros go down into Katalonia, which had the 8-4-0 scoring tile placed there. Julian seemed to be having the best of the game both on the board and in the Castillo. By the end of the second scoring round he had left us and was leading by about 12.

The last 3 turns saw a lot of intense card scrutiny as the fight for the high scoring regions warmed up. I was playing ahead of Donna on turn 8 and managed to get my '1' power card down, much to her disappointment, as it guaranteed I'd play my '13' on turn 9 and have first pick. This was all academic however as Julian stormed away to a great win. During the last 3 turns he was doing mental calculations to see if he could afford both this and Euphrat & Tigris!

Final positions:

1st. Julian
2nd. Donna (-10)
3rd. Doug (-23)
4th. Janet (-33)

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