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Billabong Boardgamers February 16th, 1998

Present: Julian, David, Donna, Alan

Previous session report

Alan Stewart writes:


We started with this sort of "Uno" variant. It is available in chain stores here such as Target. The aim is to keep your 5 men alive (plastic figures standing up) by not playing cards which take the running total of cards played above 21.

Julian went out on the first hand, but there was a bit of discussion as the last card he played was the `re-deal' card. Did the hand end immediately he played the card, or should he re-deal and the hand continue? We went for the first option, so David, Donna and myself all lost a life (one man is pushed over), as Julian had gone out.

By the time David went out on the second hand, it meant Donna's last man died. We were playing the House Rule/Variant, that as soon as one player lost all lives, the game ends, and the player with the most lives left wins. (You can play on until only one player is left with lives, but it's pretty boring for those who are out).

Scores were (after 2 hands, and game over):

Player		Julian	Alan	David	Donna

Lives Left 4 3 1 0


This game was new to Julian, with David, Donna and myself having played it at least once before. We went for the basic rules. A bit of confusion at the start, but we eventually decided that connecting a city meant building out from one (as well as to one), so everyone got at least $2 for their initial track build.

David bought 5 of the 10 possible branch purchases and picked up a lot of bonus $ during track laying. I missed a $12 bonus I could have had early on, but David got it. I think myself and Julian bought 1 track branch each, and Donna 3.

Yellow was finished off early. Blue went north and west and didn't pay off any of its bonuses in the south. White was a very short track for a while, but then sprinted west, dead-ended in Mexico, but was branched to reach Los Angeles and loop around that area.

The game ended with quite a few cards left in the undrawn city card pile.

Final scores:

Player		$	City points	(Number  city cards played)	Total

David 57 104 (9) 161 Alan 41 101 (10) 142 Julian 33 93 (10) 126 Donna 31 78 (10) 109

My last card play was worth 7 points (leaving me with cards worth 5,0,0,2X in my hand). By contrast David's last card played was worth 15, and he ended up with a 14 point card, plus others in his hand.

THE PIPE GAME (Cheap ass games)

Pipes and fields, partners game.

Our first try at this one.

Rolling a die to see who chooses first after looking at their 5 card hand.

Partners: Alan/David Donna/Julian

Alan - black pipes
Donna - white pipes
David - black fields
Julian - white fields

Each player in turn played through their 5 card hand plus 15 card draw deck.

In the end, the number of pieces claimed by the players were as follows:

Alan	17	Donna	14		On table unclaimed: 5
David	24	Julian	20

Total	41		34

We went a bit over time finishing this one, and it took about 75 minutes.

Interesting. I'd like to play a few more variations of it.

That's it for this week.

Alan Stewart

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