Billabong Boardgamers

Billabong Boardgamers - 16th March 1998


First off was Donna's choice (we are trying to implement a choice system, where a couple of gamers get a choice of game to play each week) of Bohnanza. This ended up being our tightest game yet, with scores:

Alan 16
Julian 15
Doug 15
Donna 14
Janet 14

Rating: 8

Modern Art

This game was new to Donna, but the rest of us had played before. Krypto and Yoko were the artists of the game, with their paintings scoring heavily throughout. Christin P. and Karl Gitter made a late bid for stardom that was doomed, because the oh so rare Lite Metal had been quietly bonuses along the way. Scores:

Janet 439
Alan 393
Julian 389
Doug 380
Donna 315

Rating: 8 (from 9 - for the moment...)

Hase & Igel

I had only played this game once before, the second time I attended Billabong nearly 12 months ago. The memory of the experience was not good as I had no idea what I was doing, apart from a vague idea about getting onto lettuce spaces that were always occupied. This time it was much better, and I started to appreciate the tactics in this game. I think I was the first to drop both my lettuces, very early in the game, and start thinking about reaching the finish line. Everybody went past me as I tried to accumulate enough carrots to make an assault on the end, and then I did something silly. I leapt 15 spaces to a hare - drew a card and had to fall back to the previous carrot. A drop of 8 spaces effectively shut me out (one of the carrot spaces along the way was occupied) and Janet went on to take the win....

Doug/Julian DNF

Rating: 7

Mississippi Queen

It's been a while since we'd played this game. Alan had to leave, so we were down to four for this race. Julian went out to an early lead while Doug, Donna and Janet squabbled over the first passenger pickup. Janet lost out and went on to the next point. Donna beat her there as well so Janet, being fed up, headed for open water. Julian was happily chugging away out in front while Doug and Donna had completed their pickups and were going for the finish line, with the river nicely mapped out for them. Doug entered that dreaded tile (you know, the one with the island spread across the 3 centre hexes near the entry point) and had to guess left. Of course, the river went right, which opened it up nicely for Donna. She took the race, with Doug coming in a turn later. Janet and Julian finished in that order, about 3 turns back.