Billabong Boardgamers

Billabong Boardgamers - 18th May 1998


Doug & Janet arrived first, so we moved off with GoldRausch.

A simple game, whose scoring system Janet & I really didn't understand, so she ended up wasting one of her scoring chips on a line she had already marked. Nevertheless, with me playing a chip early, as I hadn't realised that there were 5 people for each line, that made a mistake each. The final scores were

Janet 18
Julian 18
Doug 16

Inkognito and Die Siedler Kartenspiel

David arrived next, so we started Inkognito. Just as we were about to start, Donna& Allan arrived & disappeared into the kitchen for a Settlers Karte. The finals cores were Alan 12 & Donna 8. No further report is expected.

Again, Janet misunderstood a rule here, & showed Doug 2 true cards early on. This led Doug to believe that he had the answer, and wanted to meet David, who he believed was his partner. David was keen for him to do this as David knew he wasn't. The rules imply that you need to meet your partner and inform them that they are your partner, but we couldn't see the point of that being mandatory, and assumed that it was optional (in the second game). Doug guessed wrongly, and David & Janet therefore won by default. In the second game, I knew the answer but had to wait 3 rounds to meet Janet to pick up the phone. Unfortunately, everyone knew that this was the case, because we had the rules clarification at this point. However, after one negative round David and Doug couldn't stop the meeting and I got it right. Now that we believe that you only have to meet your partner to pick up the phone it makes more sense (and you don't end up giving away your intention).

Game 1: Janet & David
Game 2: Julian & Janet


We then finished with a group favourite, played 6 player for the first time. Donna pulled out an incredible 15 point lead in the first round & the result never was in any doubt from that point on.

Donna 96
Janet 80
Alan 64
Doug 59
Julian 53
David 36

That was it with a comparatively early finish for this week.