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Glen Waverley Gamers August 18th, 1997

Present: Julian, Doug

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Doug Adams writes:

Well, small crowd tonight with my better half talked into attending an aerobics class and several other dropouts as well. I suspect we need David back from his overseas trip to draw in the crowds.

So it was a night for 2 player games - and as I'd bought up MODERN ART and FORMULA DE to play, they didn't get opened.


Julian claims this is one of his favourite 2 player games. An abstract strategy game reminiscent of TWIXT in that you had to form a chain of pieces from one side of the board to the other. Unlike TWIXT there are no links to 'block' and you can capture other pieces by jumping. There were also a couple of special moves you can make as well. I quite liked it, and amazingly won the game. Maybe Julian took it easy on me.


Our second game was a fairly simple card game that I couldn't get the hang of at all. The idea is one player is the police and the others the criminals. A playing card representing the jail is placed in the centre of the board and players take turns in playing cards away from the jail. The idea is for the robbers to place cards in such a way as to form roads that lead from the jail to the edge of the board, while the police are trying to loop the roads back into themselves or block the paths off the board with cars. I really struggled with this one, and found it difficult to see the game from a 'spatial' perspective - amazing for such a simple game. We played a reverse hand with me as the robbers and again I was awful at it !! I have no idea who published this - it looked quite old. Needless to say, I lost :)


I can't remember if this was the name or not, it was something like that anyway. It was a UNO like card laying game, not that memorable. We played a couple of hands of that and I was up on points.


I really liked this one. Julian picked it up on a trip to England from a store called Past Times, who sell items of yesteryear. This game was played during the middle ages and is like chess - sort of. Each player has a set of beautiful playing pieces, small soldier like pawns. The white player also has the King. The white player sets up his 12 pawns in the middle of the board with the King in the centre of them, kind of like in a '+' formation.

The dark player sets up around the 4 edges of the board, and he has more pieces. The idea is to get the king to one of the 4 corner squares of the board (a 15x15 board, I think) for white to win, or to capture the king for dark to win. Pieces make rook type moves from chess. To capture a piece you have to sandwich it between 2 of your pieces. I found this a really interesting game, unlike chess in that each player has a different objective. I had dark and worked on an attrition strategy by sacrificing pawns 1 for 1 and it eventually worked in that Julian was left with little to cover the King, but it was very close. Great game that I would recommend - in fact it would be extremely easy to make, but the aesthetic look and feel of the game makes me want a set.

And that's about it !!

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