Billabong Boardgamers

Billabong Boardgamers - January 1st 1998

Greetings once again. Once again you have to suffer the brief reports from myself. Tonight we had Donna, Neil Murray, Julian Warner ("the other Julian"), David &Julian Clarke.


We started out, David & myself, looking at the mechanic of his copy of Metropolis (not the same as the Metropolis played recently:- 13/01/98 or 09/12/97), & the more we discovered about the game, the less enthusiastic we were to try it. Though it was made in Oz under licence (Ventura International / Maverick Marketing Limited), the cars still drive on the 'wrong' side of the road, the right. David's comment:- It's like the Ravensburger Metropolis crossed with Monopoly!

Wrott & Swindler

So when Julian W arrived, we embarked on a game of Wrott & Swindler. For a description of the game, see Doug's description of Kuhhandel. We couldn't see any difference. Anyway, far superior production & artwork for this game, & I would say an ideal present. I seemed to have the measure of the other two in this game, & managed to accumulate a diverse portfolio of stock, & let some go to give me enough money to gain me the ones I wanted. [It is important to note here that we hade the phase 2 payment system wrong, in that we should have exchanged sealed bids, but we gave the loser his money back]. Final scores were

Julian C 1000,900,899,100 = 2800 * 4 = 12600
David 500,300,200,150,50 = 1200 * 5 = 6000
Julian C 700,600,400 = 1700 * 3 = 5400

Two games of Qvo Vadis

Whilst we had been playing, Donna & Neil arrived. Next we played a 5 player Qvo Vadis. This was first timeout for Donna, Neil & Julian W. I had played once, & David twice, I think. In the first game, there was a lot of tentative deals as people felt out the rules & each other, resulting in (in order) :-

Julian W 17 laurels 2nd & 5th in Senate
Julian C 17 4th
Neil 11 1st
David 8 3rd
Donna 13

We discussed the variant you play, going through 5 times, but we agreed that it would need to be agreed before playing. However, we played again, but time constrained us to keep to the original rules again. This time the deals were more inventive, & people were much harder to please. However, Donna & David formed a pact that saw them into the Senate in1 & 2, & then sharing votes to get as many laurels as possible. This was very effective for David but less so for Donna, who I think rather pushed her luck in a few other deals. The final results, in order, were:-

David 27 2nd
Julian C 17 4th
Donna 17 1st & 3rd
Neil 16 5th
Julian W 16

The game was well received, & will no doubt be played more now the group is becoming more established with more regular members. We can now count Julian C, David, Doug, Janet, Alan & Donna as the core, with Neil Murray &Julian Warner becoming more frequent participants. I must get onto Judy to come back.