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Glen Waverley Gamers July 21st, 1997

Present: Julian, Doug, Janet, Pedro, David, Allan

Doug Adams writes:

Pedro Silva (who Mark may know from Consim-l/VWGHQ) lives up in the country but was down in Melbourne for the week. I have played a few Consim games with him and he was intrigued to see what went on here.


First off we played Medici, which David bought over. I'd never seen it before and just knew it from rumour, which I seemed to remember was generally favourable. Well, I must admit, I liked this one. As usual it took me up until the first scoring round to work out what I was doing and had blown the game by then, but once it clicked, I was smitten. Yet another incredibly elegant Knizia game that blows the neurons just trying to work out whether you are doing the right thing or not.

Things I liked:

  • the double whammy of the cards - you need them for 2 reasons, to get the highest wares or to get a monopoly in a specific ware for the end of game bonus. Thus every card has some value to someone. Very neat.
  • the bidding mechanism was good, not so much the bidding itself, but the mechanism where you can turn over 1, 2 or 3 cards to auction. The number of cards turned has enormous ramifications for everybody because you can 'lock' players out of the bidding due to their warehouse limits.

The result was that Allan won, mainly due to getting the '10' card twice and thus earning 60 florins in wares bonus'. David picked up second while Pedro was delighted to pip me by 1 florin for 3rd. It would have been a total disaster for me but I managed to get a 20 bonus monopoly in something at the game end and vaulted 30 florins to a respectable 4th (well, compared to last it was respectable).

I *want* this game. Very impressed.

Mississippi Queen

Our second and last game was my newly arrived Mississippi Queen. As it only handles 5 players I took on the role of "River Master" and laid the river out as required and gave them a (literally) crash course in the art of river navigation. This was a good tense race which came down to just 2 boats, Allan's and Pedro's fighting it out for the win. Allan managed it by having enough coal for a late braking manoeuvre which got him in first. General comment was favourable, lots of fun at tactical bumping of boats fighting to clear the narrow channels. Surprise expressed that it was given S.des.Jahres.

A good night, and Pedro enjoyed himself. He's down for the rest of the week and we are trying out Princess Ryan this Thursday. David Coutts is off to England to visit family and friends. He has strong Sumo contacts over there and his brother in law was the author of that Reiner Knizia interview a little while back. David runs a small games business I may have mentioned called "Board Not Bored Games" and he's going to pick up some things over there for us. Last night that list was extended by:

2 copies of Medici (Doug and Julian) 2 copies of Miss.Queen (Pedro and David)

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