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Billabong Boardgamers December 22nd, 1998

Present: Donna, Doug, Julian, Alan, Roger, Chris, Greg

Previous session report

Doug Adams writes:

Our pre-Christmas report is going to be a bit rushed due to time commitments here on the bottom of the world. It was great to see some new members, Chris and Greg, appear tonight. Thanks to Roger and Dey for bringing them along.

Mummy Rummy

This curious little game appeared on the table courtesy of Julian. Alan, Donna and myself played this while waiting for others to arrive. It's a rummy based game where you are trying to form sets of Egyptian artefacts, three cards to a set, from a deck of about 50 cards. The quirk here is some cards have two images on them, so they could belong to one of two sets. You score for sets, and deduct points for cards left in the hand.

Alan: 110
Doug: 100
Julian: 80
Donna: 80

Doug's rating: hmmm, 5 perhaps, but deserves another play through.


I was in on a couple of games of Basari during the evening. Game one saw me up against Alan and Roger in a three player game. While not as good as a four player game, there were still enough clashes, especially with Roger who appears to have a gem fixation!

Alan: 106
Roger: 86
Doug: 79

Game two was against Julian and Roger, highlighted by the fact Julian and Roger must have chosen the same tile a dozen times! I went for not many gems and tried to bulk up my points through dice and points tiles.

Julian: 96
Doug: 91
Roger: 72

Doug's rating: 8


Another three player game, due to the fact Elfenland and Settlers where being played on the other table. This game works well with three. Alan spent a lot of time taking Edo, and it proved worthwhile. The quote of the evening, or rather quotes from about the mid game onwards, was from Alan: "I've stuffed up and Doug's definitely going to win". It was so incessant that I was believing it by the end of the game. I am SUCH an idiot!

Roger: BB HHHH

Each player taking a majority, so Alan took the game with seven other pieces, to my four and Roger's 2.

Doug's rating: solid 9

Formula Motor Racing

We played a couple of hands of this Knizia game while trying to balance up finishing times to swap players. Two teams of two cars each.

Doug: 20
Roger: 17
Alan: 15


At the end of the evening we played one three player hand of Express to demonstrate the game to Roger. Roger went out with the highest score, Julian was caught with 5 Way cards (-25) in his hand!


Donna, Julian, Greg and Chris played this game and pleasant noises were coming across the room. There is no report, but Julian's lowest ever score deserves some special mention!

Donna: 5 + 6 + 4 + 2 = 19 - 0 = 19
Chris: 5 + 5 + 4 + 4 = 18 - 0 = 18
Greg: 5 + 5 + 7 + 2 = 17 - 1 = 16
Julian: 5 + 5 + 2 + 3 = 15 - 3 = 12

Settlers of Catan

Alan, Donna, Chris and Greg played a game of this, strangely neglected at Billabong sessions. Again, no report is forthcoming and I do not even know who won! Donna was certainly looking strong in the mid game, and Alan made a point of visiting our Basari game to point out that his '6' and '8' spots hadn't hit in the first 8 rolls! I think Donna won this game.

Alan Stewart writes:

Settlers Report

Alan, Donna, Chris, Greg

Despite a very slow start, no resources received in first 8 rolls of the dice, though my initial builds being on 8-4 (both grain), and 6 (stone)-4-2 (both sheep), [I built 4th], I managed to come from behind to win!

Card buying and cities was the only viable strategy, as I only built 3 roads after my initial placement. The 7 came up a lot in the last half of the game, and I was the only player not to lose resource cards due to such a roll, mainly because I never had more than 6 resource cards at any time! Donna managed to roll a 7 at the worst time, and if that hadn't happened she would have taken back Longest Road and maybe won.

On the last turn I couldn't upgrade to a city for the last point, but bought a card which was a VP one.

Alan: 10 = 2 cities + 2 settlements + Largest Army (4 played Knight cards) + 2 VP cards
Chris: 8 = 1 city + 4 settlements + Longest Road (had an unplayed Knight, which we had assumed was a VP card)
Greg: 7 = 2 cities + 3 settlements
Donna: 5 = 1 city + 4 settlements (2 played Knight cards)

Build order - Greg, Donna, Chris, Alan

A final note

Finally, a very merry Xmas and Happy 1999 to everyone out there in gaming land. Personally I want to thank all the people who have emailed us privately during the year to compliment us on our pages and reports. If we lagged for a week or two with an update to the pages, it was nice to receive emails asking "is everything okay?". We set these pages up to try and attract gamers in the Melbourne area as well as help promote the hobby by imparting some sense of the fun we get from playing games at Billabong.

It appears to have worked on both levels, as we had visitors from overseas attending during the year, and have picked up around half a dozen new members.

Due to this increase in members, we take our first tentative steps out of our homes and into clubrooms, beginning on January 5th. Hopefully this bodes well for our future as a club.

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