Billabong Boardgamers

Billabong Boardgamers December 23th, 1997

Present: Doug, Julian C., Julian W., Donna, Janet, Alan

Previous session report

Doug Adams writes:

A good night for us attendance wise. Donna was a certain starter as she desperately wanted to play "the bean game" again, and was demanding it as she walked in the door. However while we were waiting...


Julian Warner wanted Alan to see this game so Janet and I set it up while waiting for Donna and Julian C. to arrive. If you haven't seen the game well you aren't missing that much, apart from the rather stunning artwork on the cards. It's a "roll 6's to do well" game, and I managed to roll more 6's than the other three by the time our game ended (which was when the next player showed up!). I won the game with 25 points.


"The bean game" came out with the newly arrived expansion set. The old 'drunk' bean was renamed 'spew' bean as the new drunk bean came aboard. Game play saw Janet, Donna and Julian heavily involved in the Coffee bean activity while Alan, Julian and Doug concentrated on collecting the rarer beans. Third bean fields went to Julian and Julian (in that order ... ahem), and the game finished *very* quickly after the first deck. Timing your hand to maximise your beans harvested is a bit of an art I haven't mastered yet. Final scores were:

Julian W. 14
Janet 10
Doug 9
Julian C., Alan, Donna each had 8

No tie here! One thing I have noticed is even though a player is winning, there is still little or no hesitation in trading with them if it keeps the trading players hand in order. Very much a game where your very self centred, not being that aware of what's happening to other players. Very good.

Auf Achse

First time out for all of us with this one. Great plastic trucks, nice map board, quality cards, good game. It's about making money by fulfilling contracts to deliver goods around Germany. It's very similar to a crayon Mayfair rail game but the track is already there and everybody can use it. You are dealt a hand of private contracts at the start of the game, but the rest of the contracts have to won from a bidding system.

Actually, if Manu Soeding has read this far, we couldn't quite understand what it meant in your translation by the player declaring an interest in a public contract having the advantage over other players. Why ? It's an open auction. I feel we were missing an essential rule here, and indeed we played it that the original declarer of interest could 'trump' the high bidder and take the contract if so desired at the bid price. Is this right or wrong ? Anyone ? Manu did confirm we were playing it correctly. Thanks Manu!.

Another thing - is the number of wares pieces a game limit ? We ran out and played that it made no impact on the game - invisible wares were created out of pure will !!

I quite liked the game, but it was very slow with 6 players and the Stau and construction markers were not that popular. Julian Clarke does not like die roll for movement systems, which is fair enough, but here the die roll was linked to making contracts available and moving the road construction marker. It was necessary in the same way the die roll of Der Entenrallye is necessary to run game mechanics. I found it was okay, it just took long for the turn to get back to me as there was a lot of assessment of the board and contracts going on. Better with 3 or 4, I suspect.

The final result, after Doug ended the game, was:

Julian C. $15300
Julian W. $14200
Doug $13300
Janet $10600
Donna $9700
Alan $8800

I had to visit Vienna to discard a card and collect $2000, and thus avoid a $1000 fine. This would have put me at $16300 and got me the game. However, I suspect the game would have been over by the time I'd accomplished all this, and anyway, I'm sure the others all were in a similar "if only" situation!

Good fun, if tempers did get a little strained - which I find the die roll tends to inject into games, especially ones with a bit of interaction like this one had.

That's it for tonight!


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