Billabong Boardgamers

Billabong Boardgamers February 24th, 1998

Present: Julian, Pedro, Doug, Janet, Lindsay, Alan, David and Donna

Previous session report

Doug Adams writes:

An unprecedented eight in attendance tonight saw the evening dedicated
to four player games - aha!  At last I get to play Um Reifenbreite as
nature intended!  Not to be, as I couldn't find the necessary fourth
player interested (I had 3, including me!).  It was great to see Lindsay
and Pedro (who lives nearly 3 hours away in the "outback") back again.

I will report on the Kitchen table sessions, and Julian should be around
with the Lounge sessions soon.

Euphrat & Tigris

As soon as I found out it was a four player games night, I seized my
copy from the bag and asked "who's in ?".  Seven people replied "me" so
we had to dice for the first game.  The other four intended to play it
after.  So it was Doug, David, Alan and Lindsay who trooped into the
kitchen to play.

The rules were explained to Lindsay and off we went.  We all made
cautious starts, forming separate kingdoms but it wasn't long before we
all started butting in on the other's action.  Alan built a black/red
monument in 'his' kingdom that saw Doug quickly capitalise on by playing
his priest there.  His trader followed, and then it was on for young and
old.  This game was a mixture of cautious placement and controlled
aggression - there were a fair number of conflicts, but not an excessive

Doug had an opportunity to end the game by taking the third last
treasure, but wasn't sure about his low blue total.  A quick conflict
against Lindsay bagged 3 blue, and in doing so enabled Doug to take the
treasure.  The game had ended.

Scores were (with treasures taken):

David 7,7,7,7 (3)
Doug  6,7,9,12 (3)
Alan  5,5,5,18 (2)
Lindsay 2,3,5,6 (0)

Doug's rating: remains 9

The others in the lounge were 20 minutes away from finishing their game
of Palmyra, so we searched for a quick filler.


First time for all of us, and indeed the first game (we think) that
Reiner Knizia ever published in 1991.  A very simple "turn a card and
place it" game, where you either play a card representing a faction of
gold diggers (and can therefore back them by placing a coin on them) or
a gold coin card.  There are only five cards in each of the six
factions, so backing them is by no means an easy thing (I mean you can
back a faction, but probably can't get the one you want as you have to
turn up one of the five cards for that faction).  If you turn up a gold
card it will either be a lead dud, or a number of coins.  You want to
play the duds onto factions of the other players and amass the gold on
your factions.  At the end of all the cards, you go through each
faction and count the gold coins there - then split it between the
players who are "in" on that faction.  We really enjoyed the two games
we played - definitely light Knizia, but great as a 10 minute filler.

Scores were:

Doug 19
Lindsay 18
Alan 15
David 5

then again:

Alan 16
David 13
Doug 10
Lindsay 7

Doug's rating: 7 (Fast and fun, but only in small amounts)

Settlers Of Catan

We then merged and mixed around with the Lounge crew.  Various
suggestions were made, and Siedler was fixed upon by Donna and Pedro
(Pedro being long curious about this game).  I suggested Um Reifenbreite
hopefully and had Lindsay and David nodding their heads.  But no one else
wanted to play Siedler and I couldn't find a fourth for Um Reifenbreite,
so I joined the Siedler game with Alan, while the Lounge team played
Entdecker (with a vital rule mistake that we'd been playing with

Our Siedler game was pretty ho-hum for me :)  I placed first which meant
I had nothing left for my second placement.  I tried to place
strategically well enough to build towards a 3:1 port, but Alan beat me
to it.  My next target was to try and get to the 2:1 wheat port to
support the 8 wheat I had.  While I was doing that (quite difficult with
no brick in the game) the others were busy winning :)

Scores were:

Pedro 10 (longest road, largest army, 2 cities)
Alan  8
Donna 6
Doug  5

Doug's rating: 6

That's it for now - look out for Julian's report soon.  Viva Pamplona,
Palmyra, Entdecker.


Julian Clarke writes:

Subject: Billabong Boardgamers Feb 24 1998 [The Lounge Chronicles]

As Doug has already said, there were 2 lots of 4 last night. As Donna
hadn't arrived when the E&T started, I gave Pedro a quick run down of the
rules on Viva Pamplona! Of course, just as we were about to start, Donna
arrived, so I explained them all over again.

Viva Pamplona!

Julian Janet Pedro Donna.

The game started slowly, with everyone staying pretty close to the bull, &
pushing Donna, who was heard to whimper frequently. As the game progressed, pushing became more even & by the tomatoes, everyone must have bee n shoved around about the same. However, Pedro & Janet had huge stockpiles of machismo, where I was a little up & Donna was well down, on the starting number. By the end, however, with a charge just outside the arena, only 2 pieces failed to make it ahead of the bull, with the last scoring 5 each.

The scores were
Pedro  48
Janet 39
Julian 37
Donna 36

Next, with the Kitchen Crew still about 1/2 an hour off, we played


Janet couldn't remember the rules too well, nor could I having played once
a long time ago. We went through the rules first, & then into trading. It
seemed close throughout, but Pedro & Janet (again!) were accumulating
higher value amphorae, whilst I got stuck with about 6 yellow, & sold them
quickly rather than selling & buying in one go. By the time we sold off at
the end of the game, Janet & Pedro had disappeared into the mist.

Final scores
Janet 137
Pedro 134
Donna 93
Julian 92

We decided that there probably wasn't time to swap into the E&T game, so
we all swapped round & in the lounge we played


Lindsay was a novice at this but I wasn't really able to explain rules for
the third time, & the translation on the Games Cabinet is almost impossible
to use for explaining to someone new. So we spent a while running through
as best we could using it as a reference.

We have been playing this wrong, for a while now, & it makes a HUGE
difference to strategy, tactics & the final scoring. We had been playing
that you get a round discovery chip every time an island is completed & you
are discoverer. This appears from the translation to be wrong. You must
have a fort or Settlement on the island. This means that you keep at least
3 gold in store if possible, & spend more gold on completion of an island
than you would have done before. Therefore, the supply of gold is more
limited, so you need to be more cautious. Also, the addition of the number
of chips for the person with the most is far less of a game winner, (it
gave it to Lindsay, who had 6, by 5 over me). We used to get people going
up by 8 or 9 from front position, after running out of chips.

Final positions,
Lindsay (just over 1/2 way round the track)
Julian -5
David -12
Janet -15

That was it.


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