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Billabong Boardgamers - 24th April, 2000

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Alan Stewart writes:


Debbie Pickett - Africa
Julian Warner - Iberia
Phil Ware - Illyria
Alan Stewart - Thrace
Donna Heenan - Crete

Donna wanted to play Crete, so we let her. Julian was late, so he ended up with Iberia which was played 'by consensus' until he arrived.

Western extension plus 2 westernmost panels used.

Crete was surviving, but leapt ahead as beneficiary of Illyria's Civil War and Military as its second purchase.

Game called on account of time.

Thrace had Monotheism for four turns, but Crete and Illyria both had Enlightenment. Illyria had recently bought Military, so Africa's isolation was probably about the be broken, particularly as Africa had the most cities. Thrace had just recovered to 4 cities after losing 5 to Iconoclasm and heresy luckily Monotheism gave Thrace 1 city back, so he didn't go back down the AST). Iberia finally purchased literacy for the final red colour, and advanced up the AST.

In the last turn Crete and Africa did big purchases, while Thrace , Illyria and to an extent Iberia, were saving for a purchase the next turn.

In the last turn Thrace drew Civil War, but had the most tokens in stock. Famine was discarded from Illyria's hand, but Iberia took a city by Treachery and he had to reduce one for slave revolt(?).

No one dropped back to 0 cities at all.

There was only one successful city kill - Thrace defeated an Iberian city (and got a 1 Hides card for his trouble). There was quite a lot of stalled building attempts.

Final scores when game halted:

Crete: Civ 1200, Trade 10, Treasury 0, AST 1300, Cities 400 - Total: 2910
Africa: 1120, 30, 3, 1300, 350 - Total: 2803
Illyria: 1130, 27, 8, 1200, 200 - Total: 2560
Thrace: 1010, 6, 8, 1200, 250 - Total: 2466
Iberia: 850, 27, 0, 1100, 350 - Total: 2327

Iberia was free to move up the AST provided they maintained 4 cities, while the other four were all at the 5 cities/points total hurdle.

Quite a close game, and probably could have gone any way depending on calamities towards the end.

Thanks for playing, and we'll try and arrange a complete game sometime.

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