Billabong Boardgamers

Billabong Boardgamers August 25th, 1998

Present: Donna, Julian, Alan, Doug, David, Janet

Previous session report

Doug Adams writes:


The most played game at Billabong, at the time of this report, was out again and again was just as enjoyable. There have been a couple of thoughts recently that the six player game favors the first three players, so I, playing fourth, watched the action with a jaundiced eye...

Julian playing first got some promising crops of Hippy and Boxer beans going, which threatened a nice payoff. Drunk beans were popular early before the coffee bean season started. I managed to get quick crops of cowboy and drunk beans down and built up, through tempting trading. These low value beans can be a real pain if you can't get them built up and harvested quickly.

Julian was the clear front runner so there was some talk of a trade ban with him, but it's hard to do in this game, especially as Julian was offering nice trades to keep the cards coming into his bean fields. Janet, Donna and David all bought third bean fields, which I suspect is not necessary in a six player game.

I felt I was close at the end, but this was Julian's game with 15 coins, I finished on 12, which I think was equal second.


I bought this small card game more as a curiosity a few months ago. Alan had been asking for a game of it to see if the 'love it or hate it' attitude would infect our group!

Eyes were crossing and uncrossing in confusion as I read out the rules, but it really is a simple game. One player deals cards to the others, who are falling. The bottom five cards are GROUND cards, and if you are dealt one then you've hit the ground and are out. The object is to hit the ground last. The winner becomes the dealer in the next hand.

Sound stupid? Okay, maybe it is, but I found it a lot of fun. I was dealer in the first game and managed to get one and a half times around the table before pandemonium struck! Some clarifications were tidied up and off we went again.

The first game was a mess, which I think Alan won as he dealt second game. I foolishly played a SPLIT on my stack near the end of that deal which saw me hit the ground early. David took the second game, and dealt the third which I won, by playing a STOP to cancel a ground card, then a SKIP on me followed by a HIT on Alan for effect!

Thoughts - I didn't mind it at all. Janet had know idea what was happening, and was often caught with a card in her hand and using the other hand to play off her stack! Donna liked it enough to borrow it off me for a week. Fun, and different.


Continuing the "have 6 players, find a 6 player game" tradition we dragged out Bluff, aka Liars Dice. Nothing like the sound of 30 dice rattling in a plastic cup and hitting the table all at once! Game one came down to Doug, with one die left, facing off against Donna and Julian who were both holding multiple dice. The old Larson cartoon "Beware of Doug" came alive as I took them down, but have no idea how...

Game two saw Donna self destruct in two turns, and David going early again for the second game in a row. He seemed content as he had a swag of new games to ponder while the others battled it out. Janet and Alan were the final two facing off, with Alan taking the game.


We split into two teams of 3 players here to play Donna's brand new copy of this Mayfair game. I'm not sure I like this way of playing, as turns seemed to take an age to come back to you. We only played two hands before we finished for the night. Julian, David and Donna leapt out to a huge lead after game one, but Alan, Janet and Doug came back strongly, forcing a negative score out of the others, to be five points up after two hands. I like the game, but I prefer a four player game, I think.

A good evening!

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