Billabong Boardgamers

Billabong Boardgamers - 26th January 1998

A seven player session tonight as Doug and Janet made a dash straight from the National Tennis centre and yawned all night...

Der Ausreisser

Donna, Janet, Doug and Julian had a hand of this card game while we were waiting. Janet took the yellow jersey half way through the deck and clung to it for the entire stage. The rest of us finished several minutes behind her.

Doug rating: 6

Members Only

First time for Doug and Janet who took on Alan and Julian in this game of betting based on very limited information. This is a typical Knizia game where you have to bet on some rather 'typical' English events occurring and the player who's bets succeed the best gains admittance into the club (and wins the game). It's and interesting game, which plays outright to the end as you have to keep monitoring the scoring in the 5 betting categories. The results were:

Alan 34
Julian 32
Janet 28
Doug 22

Doug's rating on the game-o-meter - 6

Das Wasser Des Leben ("The Water Of Life")

Donna, David and Darren set up the rather stunning looking Whisky Settlers, of which several copies have propagated throughout the group. The production values of the board leave the German Die Siedler a mile behind, while the English version is not even on the same planet (although I haven't had a good look at Mayfair's latest edition yet). We've all played Siedler before, so here are the results:

Donna 11 (4 cities, 1 settlement, Longest Road)
Darren 9 (3 cities, 1 settlement, 2 point cards)
David 7 (4 settlements, Largest Army, 1 point card)


While Whisky was being produced in the highlands, Alan, Doug, Janet and Julian had time for a Manhattan - with no variants as they seem to detract from the simple elegance of this game. This game was a very aggressive affair with players ruthlessly capping the buildings of other players and the lead was a dangerous place to be. Doug held the tallest building throughout the game and concentrated on controlling 2 blocks. Alan and Janet seemed to be fighting over other areas of the map, while Julian and Doug were at it. Julian and Doug were leading throughout most of the game, but Alan made a late dash and picked up a lot of points in the final scoring round. Final results:

Doug 36
Alan 35
Julian 30
Janet 25

Doug's rating - 7


Alan and Julian, Donna and Darren, David and Janet (Doug was content to snooze in the corner) played Express in partnerships. I didn't really absorb what happened, but here's the scores after one hand...

Darren and Donna 28
Alan and Julian 22
David and Janet (-10) Are negative scores possible ?