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Glen Waverley Gamers Report August 26th, 1997

Present: Julian, Alan, Darren, Doug, Janet, Judy

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Doug Adams writes:

Back to something approaching full strength again this week, and we've had contact from David (travelling in Europe). He should be back in the next week or two, bearing many gifts.. err games.

Der Ausreisser

Judy was arriving 20 minutes late so we opened this up to play a quick filler game. The early lead was shared between Janet, Julian and Alan. Doug and Darren started to fall behind quite early in the race. Doug eventually worked off all his time penalties just as Alan started upping the speed to around 49kph. That was enough to leave everyone in the dust, and he took the race.

Detroit-Cleveland Grand Prix

Hmm, chaos on the race track!! I think this was the first six player game of this I'd played, but I'm not sure. You certainly don't get many cards to get a car around the track, but it was great fun. We left the 3 switch cards, and 3 white 5's in the box and went at it:

  • Race 1: Alan's orange car takes the race quite comfortably, helped quite favourably by everyone playing high orange cards early in the race. Alan couldn't keep the smile off his face as he took the race, followed by Doug in second.
  • Race 2: After the 1st race I'd figured that with so few cards it doesn't pay to get blocked up in the field. This allows players to toss out high cards of your colour which don't realise their full potential. I decided that if a car came up for auction that I had half a chance with I'd bid on it. It worked, kind of. I was put on poll and immediately played my 10. As others played cards my car was wafted around the track unhindered, and again I got across the line for 2nd. Judy's orange car took first.
  • Race 3: I worked on the same theory again and managed to snare the yellow car on pole and started with the 10 card. I went out to a pretty good lead but I was worried as I only had enough points to get half way home !! Luckily a few high yellows came out and along with my cards it got me to 2 spaces from the finish line, with the closest car about 20 spaces behind. I came second !! People realising that if I won I had the game thus didn't play yellow, and Alan's orange crossed ahead of me. I picked up second for the 3rd time.

Orange won all 3 races ? Strange, but each one was very close. I thought Alan had the game with 2 wins but in fact I beat him $590,000 to $580,000. The other race for Alan saw him finish 5th, so 3 second places (and some lucky low car costs) saw me through. Good fun.

The Great Balloon Race

This is fast becoming a multiplayer favourite, and there is something rather nice about this game - watching the balloons waft across the sky. This time the game was rather open, compared to previous games where the balloons tended to bunch up. Judy got the orange balloon across the line (you need 3 balloons over of your colour, and this is a secret, everyone has different colours they are working on). This pleased me as I needed it as well. Black finished, then I finished the blue balloon that I needed. I only needed the yellow one over and I had the game, but Janet claimed the game (you can only win on your turn) without having finished any balloons. We'd done all the work for her !! This is a nice game of bluffing and deduction, good stuff.

That's it, Janet and I have a tennis club meeting next week so we have to miss out *-grumble-*, but I'm looking forwards to reading the report now that Julian is here. Hint hint.

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