Billabong Boardgamers

Billabong Boardgamers - 28th May 1998

As Pedro was down for the week, we slipped in an extra evenings entertainment, intending to play Ursuppe, and Euphrat and Tigris.


Whilst waiting for the pizza and David to arrive, Janet, Doug, Pedro and I had a go at Quandary. A great game. Probably a filler, because it is quite quick, and though it requires concentration, it is still comparatively light.

I enjoyed it, despite not being too good. Doug picked up 3 or 4 yellow ine very round, and sure enough they were 4 or 5 in every round.

Final scores were:
Doug 110
Janet 98
Julian 90
Pedro 86

Euphrat & Tigris

After pizza, and once David arrived it was into the E&T. This game is getting better with every play. however, I always feel that I am behind. Pedro was getting a few from external conflicts early, and I was using the only monument for boosting my black. Then David came in and took the red for it. However, Pedro got more and more external conflicts and was gaining 4-6 of a colour from each. I guess because he didn't know the game, he was asking, what would happen if...., and got the 3 of us (Doug David and Julian) working it out for him. The final scores speak volumes about the evenness of the game:

Pedro 11,12,13,15
David 7,7,8,10
Julian 5,6,6,8
Doug 5,6,6,7

I though Doug got further ahead than that in the first quarter of the game. How one's perception is distorted by feelings of inadequacy.


It was getting on by the time we started Ursuppe. Now I have never really felt that I had the hang of this. It's not that it's too complex or heavy, but I just can't seem to get anywhere. I think that I tend to shy away from confrontational/aggressive strategies, and just got stuck in a corner, and once I was behind, I couldn't get away from being eaten or starving. David was making burping noises every time he was mumbling about how he could rove the soup eating other amoebae.

Final scores were:
David 45
Pedro 43
Doug 42
Julian 24 (I told you that I can't quite get the hang of this didn't I).

That was it at 12:15, and the rest had work in the morning.