Billabong Boardgamers

Billabong Boardgamers October 28th, 1997

Present: Julian, Doug, David, Janet, Alan

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Doug Adams writes:

Our first meeting at Julian's new place of residence, good to see the sturdy coffee table still there!


A new game (to us) that David bought along, and amazingly it wasn't the infamous "BOARD NOT BORED GAMES DEMO COPY"! Apparently this game is very similar to another game called Wrott And Swindler, which David also bought along to compare. Alas we didn't get to the second game, but I'm sure we'll catch up on it in future weeks. The production value of Wrott looked far superior to Kuhhandel, anyway.

The idea of the game is you have to collect sets of 4 of a particular animal, and the more sets you end up with, the higher the multiplier is to your final score. More and more cash is thrown at you every time a donkey card appears and the bidding accelerates at an alarming rate. The animals are auctioned, or a 'deal' is done which is basically a showdown between two players over a card or cards.

Everybody started well, with a good sprinkling of animals shared around. I was in horses and geese when the deals started and my collections started to fritter away. I completed a horse set for 1000 points (the most valuable) but couldn't complete a second set to cash in. It was a showdown between David, Julian and Alan, with David coming out on top.

David 3240 (Cows, Pigs, Cocks)
Julian 1700 (Donkeys, Goats)
Janet 1000 (Cats, Dogs, Dove)
Doug 1000 (Horses)
Alan 590 (Sheep, Geese)

This is a game where you really have to keep track of the money, and where it's going. With that knowledge you can deal with certainty with players who can't match you in cash. Good fun, but a bit long (in my opinion) for the type of game it was. Maybe because it was a first timer for most of us.


The second game of Shark for our group, and the first since June. Everybody got into a variety of shares early, with green dominating the important centre of the board, with red challenging in the bottom left corner. Blue and yellow were bit players right throughout the game.

The mid game saw a shifty move by me, holding a lot of yellow stock along with David, I managed to set up yellow next to green with a fair chance of being attacked. At the end of that turn I sold off most of my yellow for a nice price, and Julian killed the yellow group with a lucky green roll. David (who played immediately before me) took a $30000 hammering with yellow dropping 3 on the index.

For the rest of the game I bought heavily in green to protect my lead, and it paid off twice with two single greens forming a group and giving me a nice payoff both times. I ended the game by finishing green ASAP. Final scores were:

Doug $372000, David $209000, Julian $176000, Janet $114000, Alan $71000

Some ideas were bandied around to give players a little more control over what is happening on the placement board. A suggestion was to use an 8 sided dice for the sector roll, with a 7 or 8 being the players choice of sector. It has merit, but I like the element of doubt this game promotes - each sale or purchase has an element of risk, which you think you are in control of but can come back to bite you. I like it, and it's on my 'desert island' list.

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