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Glen Waverley Gamers September 30th, 1997

Present: Doug, Janet, Allan, Lindsay, Darren, Judy

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Doug Adams writes:

A medium sized meeting tonight that saw us ransack the collection for 6 player games and we came up with...

Viva Pamplona

I think this was the first 6 player game I've played of this, and maybe the fourth time I've played it. I'm still enjoying it and it seemed a better game with six than any other number. Everybody had a good chance to jockey for position before the Bull had a chance to do anything.

The running saw an early rush by the Bull, moving rapidly off, while the brave runners were left trailing in its dust. Lindsay tossed some really horrible dice in the early game, while the rest of us formed a mass of runners within 6 spaces of the Bull.

Darren and Lindsay were suffering from being bumped around a bit (paying a machismo point each time) and the rest of us were starting to look fairly brave.

The Bull charged 3 times from about the mid game onwards, and Judy really cashed in, picking up 15 from 2 charges in quick succession.

Then the Bull slowed down near the end and allowed the runners lagging badly to catch up, while the leaders started to edge into the arena. The game finally ended with about half the field in the arena and .. (quick burst of mental arithmetic) .. the other half out. Doug was the bravest of the brave with 39 points (having not been pushed for the entire run, but pushed many times and racked up good points) from Judy with 35, Allan 17, Janet 14, Darren 6, and Lindsay -20. Yes, minus 20. He had a shocker.

The game also saw the birth of a new marker to indicate who draws the Bull card (and missing their turn). A pen was passed around the table that was christened quite early the ... Bullpen... We can pun with the worst of them down here.


This is a game where you can't waste a turn, especially with 6 players. Allan and I both saw the 8 set of chairs would close out with a generous portion of the chain left. I grabbed the first chair and Allan took the coins (rob any piece immediately) and used them to snag my chair. I was thus starting a turn behind. By the mid game Allan had it, by cashing in on smaller sets he'd bought his "to go" marker down to 8. Chairs had to close out, giving Allan the game, with Lindsay and Janet still on 4 to go, and Doug on 7.

Adel Verflichtet

This game was only known to Janet and myself and it's a hard game to teach, unless you just jump in and play it. Janet pulled out of the last game as she was feeling a bit tired. We jumped in and played a few turns, and as time was short kept going with it. By the mid game everyone was comfortable with the mechanisms. Allan had an early lead but I managed to catch up by exhibiting 3 times in a row while Allan was stuck on a 2/1 space (not ideal conditions for exhibiting) yet surprisingly my losses were light to thieving. Towards the end I had a pretty good exhibit in my hand and swiftly dashed for the line, ending the game and claiming the 8 points. That gave me the 8 points, Judy finished second, and Darren claimed third (despite giving us a 12 space start before he left the smoking room).

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