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Alien Abduction

Reviewed by Debbie Pickett
Reproduced here with kind permission from Funagain Games.

Trust No One

If the tradition of Groo and Landlord comes Alien Abduction - a card-laying game with absolutely no mercy.

Each player controls an abducted Earthling (the usual victims - a cow, a hick, a Kalahari bushman), made by cutting and folding one of the cards into little figures. The holding cell card - the centre of the UFO that the players wake up in - is placed on the table and the players place their figures in it. Then players are dealt cards depicting rooms, equipment and action cards.

In turn each player gets to either place another room card adjacent to the rooms already on the table, or move their figure to other rooms, thus exploring the ship they are on. They can also search for equipment (by rolling a die; the likelihood of finding it depends on the room).

This is all very well, but here's the problem: only one player can escape. The game usually gets quite nasty as one player is just about to make it to an exit when the exit moves, or an alien patrol comes by, or some other event caused by another player causes the near-winner to black out, lose all of their cards, and wake up back in the holding cell.

The utter free-for-all in Alien Abduction makes for an entertaining time, but the game usually drags on a bit towards the end as every player throws everything they have at the potential victor. I was always somewhat glad when someone finally managed to escape and end the game.

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