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Auf Heller und Pfennig

Publisher: Hans im Gluck
Players: 2-4
Reviewed by Debbie Pickett
Reproduced here with kind permission from Funagain Games.

Worth every Pfennig

Auf Heller und Pfennig is something of a typical Reiner Knizia game. You are trying to gain the highest totals in both row and column of a token you place on the board. This is all very well, except for the negative score tiles which can hurt your score, especially if you are multiplying the score by four. Even worse, the Evil Eye tile will erase all the positive scores in its row and column, making for very negative scores indeed if you are stuck with it.

The pieces and board are of the usual high German-game quality, and while the marketplace theme is a little thin, it doesn't matter because the game itself it so much fun. Close results are quite easy to achieve in Auf Heller und Pfennig; in short, this is another winner of a Reiner Knizia design.

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