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Entdecker Variant

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Doug Adams writes:

Entdecker is one of best looking games I've seen, yet sadly there is not much in the box to appeal to the serious boardgamer. It is essentially a luck driven game, with not a lot of control given to the players.

This variant is the handiwork of Emanuel Soeding, which found its way onto The Games Cabinet. It makes Endecker a bit more thought provoking.

  1. Before the game, give each player a set of 4 tiles. One tile with four sea edges, one with three sea edges, and one of each with two sea edges.
  2. The starting player moves around the table from turn to turn. After the first turn has completed, the original starting player just hands the spinner to the player and misses his turn. The player with the spinner now becomes the start player, and so on. Each start player will miss their next turn.
  3. Instead of declaring how many tiles to explore, players declare how much gold they want to spend for exploration.
  4. A player can still spend 1 of his exploration gold on a tile from one of the 4 stacks, but in addition he can use one of the tiles from his hand. A tile placed from the hand costs 2 gold.
  5. When a tile is turned up that cannot be played, it is not removed from the game, instead it is placed next to it's corresponding reserve tile pile. Once the reserve pile is dry, these tiles can be used to fill spaces that have four sides filled. Note - "?" tiles are removed from the game.
  6. Players may interrupt tile placement to build units. This ends their turn (as in the basic game).

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