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Entdecker Example of Play Translation

Translated by Doug Adams

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Example of a game turn.

Benny, the youngest player, begins the turn. A new round has begun. He first determines the gold earnings of this round on the earnings spinner for all players - a 4. Not bad at all! Every player adjusts his gold marker. Klaus' marker is already to 10, and may only go up to 12 - the most he can have. He receives only 2 gold this turn - this is bad luck!

After everyone has adjusted their gold, Benny takes his turn. He places the ship in A. Since Claudia's scout, Benny has to pay. He moves his gold marker down 1. However this is worth it because he wants to attempt to complete an island this turn. Benny then announces how many tiles he would like to discover. Benny's gold marker is located at 9, so he should do something with it. He announces that he will use 4 tiles aloud and moves his gold marker down 4 to 5. Since he is very courageous, Benny takes an Discovery Tile with a question mark and has luck! Friendly natives living here brings him a further discoverer chip. This brings nothing at the moment, but who knows, that chip may perhaps be decisive at the end of the game for the discoverer bonus?

The Discovery Tile is placed at B by Benny and he moves the ship onto the Tile. He would have been able to place the Tile at C however the chances would then be smaller to discover the island completely. He now uncovers his second Discovery Tile. He is again brave as he takes another Tile with a question mark - Oh no, pirates! Ah, once more he has luck! The Tile does not fit. It goes into the game box. Benny almost lost half of his gold. Now he takes the third Tile, this time without question marks and puts up it on D. Therefore the island is ready with the Reserve Tile which must still be placed at E. The player puts another fort at D and moves his gold marker down 3 to 2. By doing this (placing a fort), his turn has ended although he had still announced a further Discovery Tile. The Reserve Tile is now placed into E to complete the island.

Benny passes the ship to his neighbour on his left, Klaus, but because an island has been discovered it is scored at the end of this turn, now.

Example of scoring an island.

Firstly the greatest discover of the island has to be determined. None of the players placed a settlement. Therefore there is a tie. The number of forts are counted to see who has the most. Klaus has on 1 fort, Benny and Claudia have 2 forts each. There is still a tie.

The number of scouts are now counted to break the tie. Benny has 2 scouts while Claudia has only 1 scout. Although Klaus has 3 scouts on the island, he doesn't win the tie because he had too few forts. Benny is the greatest discoverer and takes a discovery chip from the pile and places it face up in front of himself. It is the tomato, which scores 3.

The island value is now determined. The Discovery Tiles that form the island are counted (14) and to this the value the highest discovery chip (3) is added. The island value is 17. Benny as the greatest discoverer receives the total island value as victory points and moves his victory marker forwards 17 spaces. Claudia has second place and receives the half island value (rounded up), which is 9 victory points. Klaus has third place and receives 5 victory points.

Benny's game turn is now ended and he passes the ship to Klaus, who then announces how many Discovery Tiles he'd like to reveal.

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