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Doug Adams writes:

Here are some thoughts on reducing the random element in Euphrat & Tigris where players draw tiles randomly from a bag. The idea has been floated around various internet forums, and presented here is Milton Soong's version.

Milton Soong writes:

I'm not so sure there is a problem with the tile draw in Euphrat & Tigris, but random elements always bother some people, so this variant is presented for their use.

  • After the initial set-up, layout 6 tiles face up. This is the pool. Change all mention of "draw tiles from the bag" in the rule to "draw tiles from the pool".
  • Whenever the pool dips below 6, draw more tiles from the bag to replenish the pool.
  • Whenever a play want to exchange his hand, he exchange them against the pool.

In this variant, there're a bit more planning since you can try to get certain tiles, and you can also try to remember what others have been collecting.

Doug Adams adds:

Rather than limiting the tiles to just the pool, allow players the option of replenishing from either the bag or the pool. If there are tiles in the pool that a player needs, great, take them. However, if you want to hide what you are doing a little more, go for the bag.

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