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Alan Stewart writes about his house rules for Express:

1. Remove 2 turntables from the game.

2. You can place as many `way cards' down in front of you as exposed protection as you like on any turn.

If still there when someone goes out, they score 5 points each from the 3rd one on (eg. 1 or 2 score 0; 3 scores 5; 4 scores 10; 5 scores 15; etc.)

(Rationale for this: If only allowed to place one per turn, you may not be able to do a legal first move! eg. What about if you're dealt 5 way cards, a diesel and 2 disasters say? You have to go first, and pick up a caboose and 1 hopper. You cannot legally start 2 trains and put down enough cards to get below the 5 maximum, unless you can play all the way cards. It has happened, ask Justin Ackroyd!)

3. Passenger car train (express) bonuses.

a) A diesel always doubles any points
b) 6 coaches in any position in the train is a double
c) 1 of each type anywhere in the train is a double
d) Order must me MCDSO, starting with M, and no gaps, to get the double.

Duplication is fine as long as the order is preserved.

The following would be a bonus double


The following would not be a double



Alan Stewart

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