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Finale - Translation

See the 26/05/1998 session report by David Coutts for an early view of this game.
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Before you play please read this introduction first. The actual rules begin on page 4. FINALE is a soccer game with cards, which offers various tactical possibilities. It is meant to be played with two players. Naturally, the highest scorer of goals will win the game. Each player takes a team and receives 60 cards. One player takes SV Stollen (red cards), the other player takes FC Acker (blue cards). The cards of each player consists of 30 tactics cards of 30 soccer player cards. Eleven soccer players play on the field, and four sit on the reserve bench. Each player must select 15 soccer players for their team.

The Soccer Player Cards

The nice young man here (on page 2) - Sven Abseits - is a striker. You can tell that by the symbol in corner. Apart from strikers, there are midfield players (blue corners), defense player (yellow corners) and goal keeper (grey corners).

The players current strength is situated on top of the card, over the players head. The current play strength is always on the top of the card, so when the card is turned in direction of arrow (anticlockwise), the new current player strength appears on the top of the card.

Situated in the corner of some players are coloured symbols. With Sven it is one red cross (Sven may be hurt and must be changed) and a yellow card symbol. This means that Sven may commit a foul and be shown a yellow card. If Sven commits a second yellow card Sven must leave the field. Other players have red cards.

As well as the name of the soccer player, another number is also present - this is the players point value. That is important because at the beginning of a game, each player has only 50 points with which to build his soccer team. Teams with more than 50 points in value are not permitted.

The red "X" to the left of the soccer players name is useful for getting started on the first game. Instead of sitting helpless looking at all the cards, you pick the 15 cards out with the red "X" - that is your team for your first game.

The Tactics Cards

Now to the tactics cards. These cards decide which team attacks and which team defends. The cards also determine which players of each team are used. Each player must select twelve tactics cards at the before play starts, three of which got into his hand. For the first game we recommend to use the six white and the six lilac coloured tactics cards.

Besides these two colours there are also six tactics cards in yellow, blue and red. These cards strengthen soccer players in those respective colours. Yellow = defense , blue = midfield, red = striker).