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Mystery Rummy Jack The Ripper

Players: 2-4
Reproduced here with kind permission from Funagain Games.

Well-researched rummy with a theme

Mystery Rummy Case No. 1 is a nice version of rummy, with a Jack the Ripper theme. That is all it is, however, so if you are expecting anything more you will be disappointed.

For those who enjoy rummy, this game has some novel rules that do fit in with the murder-mystery theme. You can only play a meld of evidence when there is a victim; you can only play a suspect or alibi when there is evidence implicating that suspect. Other nice touches allow you to play a scene to steal someone else's corresponding victim (or vice versa), or to play the Ripper Escapes card and make off with a pile of points while your opponents get none (but of course it's hard to do that).

This edition of Mystery Rummy is well-designed and well-researched, with the actual historical figures from the Jack the Ripper case. It plays very well with two, but lacks control somewhat with four players. The colours of the cards are clear enough, and don't need to be relied on if low light or genetics make seeing them difficult - there is enough information on the cards anyway.

If the mystery surrounding the case of Jack the Ripper intrigues you, then this game will appeal all the more. On the other hand, if (like me) you don't much care for the theme, this is still a great card game with play that more traditional 52-card decks won't give you.

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