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Quests of the Round Table

Publisher: Gamewright
Players: 2-4
Reviewed by Doug Adams
Reproduced here with kind permission from Funagain Games.

A Questing we will go!

Quests of the Round Table is a fun card game where players must promote their lowly squire up through the ranks of Knight, Champion Knight, and finally to Knight of the Round Table. This final rank earns you the right to buff Arthur's armour, and oh yes, win the game.

Game play is very simple, so simple in fact that the rulebook could have been cut in half. I strongly advise the owners of the game learn it in private and teach new players themselves, rather than read the rulebook out. There is a lot of repetition in there.

During the game the players must carefully manage a hand of up to 12 cards. These cards allow players to enter Tournaments, go on Quests, or to sponsor Quests. Questing and Tournies allow you to pick up shields (providing you win!), while sponsoring a Quest allows you to set up a Quest for the other players to complete. Here you can make it as simple or as nasty as your hand allows, and the bonus of sponsoring is you get a mass of new cards at the end of it.

Completing the Tournies and Quests earn you shields, and shields allow you to be promoted up through the ranks to finally sit at Arthur's side and win the game. The player who can best hoard their precious hand of cards will usually win, but with all card games, Lady Luck of the Lake can intervene to skew the results. You never know when one of those pesky Mordred cards will send your precious Sir Lancelot packing!

As a light 'beer and pretzels' card game that takes an hour to play, this one gets three stars. A final word on the card artwork - very nice!

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