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Publisher: Wizards of the Coast
Reviewed by Debbie Pickett
Reproduced here with kind permission from Funagain Games.

Anything but robotic

RoboRally borrows from so many genres it is hard to place it in a category. It is part strategy, part tactical, part race, part sheer bloody-mindedness.

There is nothing polite about RoboRally; your robots shoot lasers ahead of them indiscriminately, pits and crushers are unforgivingly final. So it is best to approach this game as a safe way to be vindictive towards your fellow players without real-world repercussions.

What makes this game so much fun is the collecting of option cards, which give your robots extra powers. Some are dangerously powerful and others are practically useless. The more options you play with, the more fun it becomes. The Armed and Dangerous expansion is worth getting too, if only for its great collection of extra option cards.

You can help to overcome the problem of the leader running away with the game by making a course that crosses itself several times. This way the leaders meet the main group going the other way and are sure to get pummelled a bit.

This game will appeal instantly to the programmers out there, so those players who can't program their VCRs may find RoboRally heavy going.

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