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Take 6

Publisher: Amigo
Players: 2-10
Reviewed by Debbie Pickett
Reproduced here with kind permission from Funagain Games.

Take a turn at Take 6

Take 6 is a very easy game to learn. There are 100-odd cards, each with a different number, and each with its own number of 'bull heads', which you try to get as few of as you can. Ten cards are dealt to each player. Then four cards, marking the first cards of four rows, are laid on the table. Each player selects a card from their hand and places it face-down on the table. Then everyone turns them up simultaneously. The player who played the lowest number starts, and places it at the end of the row that ends with the biggest number that is smaller than the number on the player's card. Then the player with the next-lowest number places their card, and so on.

But if the card is the sixth in the row, then the player has to take all five of the cards that were previously in the row - and scores the number of bull heads on those cards. Similarly, if the number on the player's card is smaller than the numbers at the end of all four rows, then that player must take one row of their choice.

The interrelationships of these rules can mean that what you think is a safe card may actually not be, and could land you with a ton of bull heads. The game ends, Hearts-style, when someone has gone over the limit of 66 bull heads; the player with the least bull heads wins.

Take 6 is a very simple game which is entertaining enough as a two-player game, but will be much more fun with more players. The game rules ensure that there isn't much downtime even with the maximum of ten players.

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