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Publisher: FX / Rio Grande
Players: 2-4
Reviewed by Doug Adams
Reproduced here with kind permission from Funagain Games.

Become the king of the castle

A storm has devastated the royal castle, and as the king clings to life the princes gather to rebuild the palace from the few remaining foundations. Who builds best will become king.

A rather shaky theme greets the gamer in what is essentially an abstract 3-D game. Players must move wooden pawns around an 8x8 board in order to gain control of towers. The towers are placed by the players, who can then move knights into and up the towers to cash in when scoring comes around. Victory points are awarded based on castle area multiplied by the level the knight is sitting on in the castle - thus a knight sitting on the 3rd level of a castle that has an area of 5 squares will pick up 15 points.

Players are restricted in how much they can accomplish during a precious turn. Action points are spent to place/move knights, build towers as well as purchase action cards. These cards allow the quirky movement/tower rules to be broken in some way, and when used at the right time can be very powerful.

Overall a 'different' game that uses the third dimension very well. I've tried a two player as well as a four player game and found the game to work well with both those numbers. Variant rules, as well as a 'master' version, all add to the package.

Well worth considering.

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