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Economic regulators of public utilities





Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) - promotes competition and fair trade in the market place to benefit consumers, business and the community, and regulates national infrastructure services. 

Competition Commission - conducts in-depth inquiries into mergers, markets and the regulation of the major regulated industries, undertaken in response to a reference made to it by another authority.

National Competition Council (NCC) -The NCC was established by all Australian governments in November 1995 to act as a policy advisory body to oversee their implementation of National Competition Policy (NCP). Its mission is to improve the well being of all Australians through growth, innovation and rising productivity, by promoting competition that is in the public interest.

OFWAT  - economic regulator for the
water and sewerage industry in England and Wales.


Ofgem - Office of Gas and Electricity Markets. The regulator for Britain's gas and electricity industries. Role is to promote choice and value for all customers.


Ofcom -  regulator for the UK communications industries

NSW Independent Pricing and Regulatory Tribunal (IPART). IPART is an independent body that oversees regulation in the water, gas, electricity and public transport industries in NSW.

ORR - Office of the Rail Regulator.




New Zealand

Essential Services Commission, Vic (ESC) - independent economic regulator established by the State Government of Victoria to regulate prescribed essential utility services supplied by the electricity, gas, water, ports, grain handling, rail freight industries and aspects of the insurance industry. The Commission commenced operations on 1 January 2002, subsuming the Office of the Regulator-General Victoria.

Commerce Commission New Zealand 





Queensland Competition Authority (QCA) 

The QCA's main responsibilities are to ensure that: Government owned monopolies and privately owned water monopolies do not abuse their market power (monopoly prices oversight); significant government business activities which compete with the private sector do so fairly (competitive neutrality); essential infrastructure is accessible to all potential users (third party access). Covers rail, ports, electricity, gas, water, local government and other industries.

Council of European Energy Regulators,  CEER  - acts as a focal point for contacts between regulators and the European Commission's Directorate for Energy and Transport (DG TREN) and participates  in the Florence Regulatory Process and the Madrid Regulatory Process. It maintains close working relations with regulatory authorities in North America and EU New Member States.



South Australia

Austria - Energy Exchange Austria EXAA - Austria's electricity market was fully liberalized on October 1, 2001 and the gas market one year later.

Essential Services Commission of South Australia (ESCOSA)  established on 12 September 2002 (replacing the Office of the South Australian Independent Industry Regulator SAIIR). Covers electricity, gas, rail, ports.

Belgium - Commission pour la Régulation de l'Electricité et du Gaz


Denmark - Danish Competition Authority - covers enery regulation (Energitilsynet)

Western Australia

France - La commission de régulation de l’électricité - electricity and gas

The Economic Regulation Authority was established on 1st January, 2004 to oversee the economic regulation functions of gas, rail, water and electricity services in Western Australia.

Hungary - Hungarian Energy Office (Magyar Energia Hivatal) has three main activities – licensing, protection of consumer’s interests and the preparation and application of prices

Economic Regulation Authority, ERA - WA

Italy - Autorità per l'Energia Elettrica e il Gas

The Italian Regulatory Authority for Electricity and Gas is an independent body established under Law 481 of 14 November 1995 to regulate and control the electricity and gas sectors.


Netherlands - Office for Energy Regulation (DTe).

Netherlands Competition Authority (NMa)

Bodies absorbed into the new ERA ... ... ...

Norway - The Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate is a directorate under the Ministry of Petroleum and Energy, with responsibility for managing the country’s water and non-fossil energy resources.

Office of Water Regulation - WA (OWR) 

Republic of Ireland - Commission for Energy Regulation (CER) - independent body responsible for overseeing the liberalisation of Ireland's energy sector.

Office of Gas Access Regulation - WA (OffGAR) 

Portugal - Entidade Reguladora dos Serviços Energéticos

Office of the Rail Access Regulator, WA (ORAR) 

Spain - Comisión Nacional de Energia


Sweden - Swedish National Energy Administration Energimyndigheten

In addition, the Electricity Reform Regulation Unit of the Office of Energy will be incorporated into the ERA when the economic regulation framework for electricity is finalised..






Tasmanian Government Prices Oversight Commission (GPOC) -  is an independent body which conducts investigations into the pricing policies and practices of Government Business Enterprises (GBEs), Government Agencies and Local Government Bodies that are monopoly, or near monopoly, suppliers of goods and services in Tasmania. GPOC has been set up according to National Competition Policy principles.

Federal Energy Regulatory Commission FERC  - independent agency that regulates the interstate transmission of natural gas, oil, and electricity; and natural gas and hydropower projects.

Office of the Tasmanian Energy Regulator (OTTER) - independent regulator playing an integral part of the reform of the energy supply industry. The Regulator was appointed and the Office established effective 1 July 1998. Covers electricity and gas.

Federal Communications Commission - independent agency that regulates interstate and international communications by radio, television, wire, satellite and cable.


The US Department of Energy - “Protecting National, Energy, and Economic Security with Advanced Science and Technology and Ensuring Environmental Cleanup."

Australian Capital Territory (Canberra)


Independent Competition and Regulatory Commission - ACT (ICRC) 




Northern Territory


Utilities Commission of the Northern Territory - independent industry regulator, established to oversee those industries declared to be regulated industries. Responsible for the promotion and safeguard of competition and fair and efficient market conduct or, in the absence of a competitive market, the simulation of competitive market conduct and the prevention of the misuse of monopoly power.

National Energy Board  - independent federal agency that regulates several aspects of Canada's energy industry. Its purpose is to promote safety, environmental protection and economic efficiency in the Canadian public interest within the mandate set by Parliament in the regulation of pipelines, energy development and trade






Comisión Reguladora de Energía (CRE)




South Africa


The Department of Water Affairs and Forestry - is not an economic regulator, but is the custodian of  South Africa's water and forestry resources. It is primarily responsible for the formulation and implementation of policy governing these two sectors. It also has override responsibility for water services provided by local government.







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