Y S C Products are totally handmade using bees wax and 100% pure essential oils.


Soaps and Moisturisers















 Based in Sydney NSW, YSC  Skin Care Products are lovingly hand made in a true"cottage industry" setting. Every step of each process is mixed and measured by hand. The only concession to mechanisation is a small electric hand mixer. This means that quality control is tight! Each soap is hand moulded and all cremes are individually packed and labelled by hand. Everyone lends a hand, neighbours, family and friends.  None of the products are tested on animals.

About Us


• Soaps contain no added detergents, no added lathering agents and no sodium laurel sulphate.

• The range is excellent for very dry or stressed skin and all over skin care.

All products are free of artificial preservatives, chemicals or alcohol.

Are you concerned about the list of chemicals found on the labels of most commercially manufactured moisturising creams, lip balms and soaps?

Then please consider the following:

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