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PSP Tutorials

PSP Tutorials

Terms of Use

These tutorials are my own creation and any resemblance to any other tutorial is purely coincidental. If you wish to link to these tutorials please feel free to do so. I do request that you do not take the images, html or zip files.

If you wish to use my tutorials in a group setting, please contact me, I like to know who is using them.

These tutorials pages may not be sent through email groups or newsgroups. A text link to the tutorial is fine. Please do not translate the tutorials and place them on another site without my permission.

Most important of all... have fun!

Thank you for abiding by these terms.

Frame Tutorials

Gold Etched Rose

Gold Etched Rose Tutorial

Double Photo Frame

Double Photo Frame Tutorial


Window Tutorial

Background Tutorials

Fur Background

Fur Background Tutorial      Fur Background Tutorial

Flower Gradient Background

Flower Gradient Background Tutorial      Flower Gradient Background Tutorial      Flower Gradient Background Tutorial

Miscellaneous Tutorials

Birthday Greeting

Birthday Greeting Tutorial

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