The Banner Waltz

Written by Helen Romeo 1998

Music: Waltz 4 x 64 bars

Formation: 8 couples in a circle, ladies on right of partner

Numbering: 1,2,3,4,1,2,3,4 anticlockwise around circle


1-16 1st Couples waltz around inside of set, finish in place

17-20 All ladies waltz in to centre and back while

Men move two places to the left around circle

21-24 Two hand (open) turn with new partner

25-28 All ladies in and back again, men move two places to left

29-32 Two hand turn with new partner (original opposite)

33-40 Couples 1 waltz across to opposite place (anticlockwise inside set)

37-44 Couples 2 waltz to opposite place

40-48 Couples 3 waltz to opposite place

49-64 Waltz chain 4 places to meet original partner.

Repeat with couples 2 waltzing, and couples 2,3 and 4 waltzing across

Repeat with couples 3 waltzing, and couples 3,4 and 1 waltzing across

Repeat with couples 4 waltzing, and couples 4,1 and 2 waltzing across

  1. This dance was first performed at a Bush Music Club dance at Beecroft in April 1998.
  2. It was written on the occasion of the unveiling of a new banner for the Southern Cross Bush Band.
  3. The dancers retain their numbering through the dance, but may not finish in original places during the dance. Opposites have the same number.
  4. This dance was a winner in the 1999 TSDAV competition.

Dance Description Copyright Don Richmond  2006
This may be reproduced for self-educational purposes.