Emma Waltz

Written by Alison Lee 1989

Formation: Couples dance, couples in a large circle

Music: 32 Bar Waltz



Start facing partner, in two hand open hold, men with backs to centre.


Waltz in (to a side by side position) and back, start R foot


Waltz in (to a side by side position) and back


Waltz around partner

With hands joined as before, waltz forward two steps to change places with partner, then continue two more steps to return to place.

Arms counter balance the waltz motion by bending and straightening as the couple moves toward and away from each other.


Repeat last 8 bars, finish facing along LOD, inside hands joined


Waltz fwd two steps, start R foot, inside hands swing fwd & back


Turn single (2 waltz steps) to face out from centre of circle.

Man makes a ¾ turn, leading left shoulder, lady turns ½ way leading right shoulder, finishing with her back towards her partner.

Man now stands behind his partner with his hands on her waist.


Waltz out (fwd) & back, (starting R foot) then to the right and left,

Sway a little when moving to the R and L.


Waltz backwards towards centre, lady looks over shoulder at partner


Waltz away from centre, lady turns out to face partner


In ballroom hold, dance 2 Waltz turns around circle.


Repeat as required



The dance was written for the Bush Music Club dance competition in 1989.

It was the winner in the category for dances for experienced dancers.

Alison named the dance after her daughter Emma and has suggested that the music be a selection of well known children’s songs played in waltz time.


Dance Description Copyright Don Richmond  2004
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