Heritage Ball 2012

A Touch of Regency and a Hint of the Romantic

May 19th, Parramatta Town Hall, PARRAMATTA

Here is a note for dancers attending the ball: Letter to dancers

The List of Dances (in alphabetical order, .... I've nearly finished them)
Some dances may be held in reserve and danced should time permit.

Note These instructions are provided as a reference only for dancers
attending the Ball. More comprehensive instructions may be
prepared at a future time as resources permit.
The dance descriptions and terminology presented here may
also differ slightly from those used by the callers at the Ball.

Banner Waltz
Barn Dance
Circassian Circle 1&2
The Quadrille
Flowers of Edinburgh
Fran's Waltz
Grand March
Haste to the Wedding
Ideal Schottische
The Lancers Quadrille
Love em and Leave em
Margaret's Waltz
Parisienne Quadrille
Plain Schottische
Prince of Wales Schottische
Princess Polka
The Royal Irish Quadrille
Soldier's Joy
Wakefield Hunt

# Not walked through.

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