Place of Birth: Melbourne, Australia


Bachelor of Engineering (Honours)

Master of Psychology

Diploma of Clinical Hypnosis


Registered with Psychology Board of Australia


Australian Psychological Society (APS)

APS College of Clinical Psychologists

APS College of Forensic Psychologists

Australian Society of Hypnosis

Australian and New Zealand Association of Psychiatry, Psychology and Law



Willshire, D., Kinsella, G. and Prior, M. (1991). Estimating WAIS-R IQ from the National Adult Reading Test (NART): A cross-validation. Journal of Clinical and Experimental Neuropsychology, 13(2), 204-217.

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Willshire, D. (2001). Psychological testing by the clinical psychologist. In G. Meadows and B. Singh (Eds.) Mental Health in Australia: Collaborative Community Practice. (pp. 259-262). Melbourne: Oxford University Press.


Educational and Employment Background

1971 - 1975 Monash University, Victoria, Australia. Obtained BE (Hons.) in Civil Engineering.

1976 - 1980 Travelled around Australia; did various non-professional jobs, including taxi driving, billposting, house painting, labouring, hole digging and automatic garden-spray installation. Began studying martial arts (Tai Chi and Tae Kwon Do).

1980 - 1981 Residential Social Worker with the Richmond Fellowship of Victoria (RFV), a non-government organisation that provided residential rehabilitation for people with psychiatric and emotional disorders.

1981 - 1985 Training and employment with the Richmond Fellowship in the United Kingdom, at various locations and with various client groups. After completing the Senior Staff Training in 1982, managed the residential rehabilitation program (therapeutic community) for young adults in Oxford for three years.

1986 - 1987 Returned to Australia to take up part-time employment with the RFV as Staff Development Officer. Part-time administrator of Denham House (RFV), a program for young adults with emotional or psychiatric disabilities. Member of RFV's Management team. Commenced part-time studies at La Trobe University in Bundoora, Victoria, Australia, in Psychology.

1988 - Full-time studies at La Trobe University in Psychology IV (Masters Preliminary). Member of Denham House Management Collective.

1989 - 1990 Undertook studies in Clinical Psychology (Master of Psychology) at La Trobe University. Invited to become a Member of the Board of the RFV (a Director). Convenor of the RFV Council's Program Sub-Committee. Registered as a Psychologist.

1991 - 1992 Psychologist at Melville Clinic in Brunswick, a Community Mental Health Centre in Melbourne, Australia.

1992 - 1994 Psychologist with North West Community Assessment and Treatment Team (CAT Team), with ongoing case management responsibilities at Melville Clin