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Brain & Mind Magazine

This site describes itself as "an electronic magazine with the purpose of presenting knowledge about Neuroscience, as well as information which may lead to a better understanding of normal and pathological mental processes that occur in a human being, by using a clear and accessible language to students, non specialists and lay persons ... Another important objective is to establish means to achieve global communication among readers, who may express their views, knowledge, and experiences about the brain and its manifestations ... Brain and Mind will give you an up-to-date, clear and objective view about the human brain and mind."

Electronic Journals & Periodicals in Psychology & Related Fields

This index of psychologically related electronic journals, conference proceedings, and other periodicals is maintained by the Hanover College Psychology Department

The Forensic Echo

The Forensic Panel publishes this online law and science journal which covers behavioural and forensic sciences in higher court decisions.

 Journal Watch Psychiatry

Edited and reviewed by more than 80 physicians, JWatch regularly combs 180 medical journals for important findings in Psychiatry. 

Psychiatric Times

This online Psychiatric magazine is from Mental Health InfoSource

PsychNews International

The PsychNews International - An Online Publication - is an independent electronic publication distributed at no cost to professionals, students, and others interested in issues related to the mental health profession. PsychNews International publishes articles on current events in mental health, updates from relevant Internet discussion groups, as well as original research and theoretical articles. It also contains reports on new mental health resources on the Internet, conferences, and may include employment, and announcement listings.

Psychotherapy in Australia - Online Journal

The quarterly journal, for psychotherapists, counsellors and other professions, provides a forum for the informed, topical and comprehensive coverage of theoretical and practice issues in the field. The online version presents a number of articles from each issue.

Selfhelp Magazine

"Selfhelp Magazine is an educational publication written by mental health professionals for the discussion of general psychology as applied to our everyday lives."


Traumatology: An International Journal (TMT) is a primary online-only reference for professionals who study and treat people exposed to highly traumatic events, such as terrorist bombings, war, fires, accidents, criminal and familial abuse, hospitalization, major illness, abandonment, and sudden unemployment.

WebPsychEmpiricist Home Page

"WPE  is a free, online journal for psychological research and reviews. It uniquely features immediate world-wide publications (in English), linked reviews of the research, a mailing list to discuss the research, and replies and updates by the authors. A Boolean search is available: it searches a summary of each article (the abstract) and the keywords as provided by the author(s). The focus of this journal is very broad: Research in the scientific study of Psychology in all its forms."