Dendrobium speciosum


These are some articles that have been written over the years by some people that I respect in the Australian Native Orchid community. They have intelligence, wit, a good sense of humour and a passion for Australian Native Orchids and certainly Dendrobium speciosum. These articles have been published in the Australian Orchid Review, The Orchadian, and Orchids Australia, 3 exceptional publications. Some of these were first published in the early 1980's and early 1990's and are still valid today and worth a read to refresh our memories.

Some Thoughts on Den speciosum_Ted Gregory 1980.... 33k

A Review of speciosum_S Clemesha1981.... 80k

A summary of speciosum_S Clemesha1981.... 29k

A New Variety of Dendrobium speciosum Sm. from Central Queenland
by S.C. Clemesha 1982... 32k

The Effects of Bushfire on Victorian Epiphytic and Lithophytic Orchids
by P.B. Adams and S.D. Lawson 1984... 15k

Some thoughts on Dendrobium speciosum by Ted Gregory 1988 ... 48k

A Review of the Species by David P. Banks and Stephen C. Clemesha 1990 ... 67k

Thoughts on Dendrobium speciosum SMITH By Michael Harrison 1991 ... 27k

Speciosum Speculations by Gerry Walsh 1992 ... 22k

A Bit About the Rock Orchids of Capricornia by Gerry Walsh 2000 ... 34k

Den_speciosum & Me_Ross Harvey 2001 ... 25k

The Dendrobium speciosum Complex by Len Field 2003 ... 35k

Discussions with Growers - Phil Richie 2004 ... 154k

The Great speciosum Complex_Peter Adama_Sept-2006. ... 2954k

ROCK LILY Gerry Walsh 2006.....285k






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