Dendrobium speciosum


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In the years that I have been growing native orchids I have met some wonderful people that have shared and fired my enthusiasm in our wonderful gems, and I would like to offer special thanks to the following.

Mick Korzenowski whose passion for these magnificent orchids rivals my own and who got me out in the bush where I could appreciate them in the wild, great times and great company at a leisurely pace. Phil Spence who whetted my appetite, and helped satisfy my hunger for more knowledge and information, great days of good stories, conversation, and great friendship.

Thanks also to Brian Gerhard, Ray Clements, Neil Finch, David Buttler, David Banks, Gerry Walsh, Mike Harrison, Ted Gregory, Henk van den Berg, Ted Walmsley, Ross Harvey, Mike Harrison, Bernie Fletcher, and Chris Arnott, for all your advice, helpful information, and plenty of friendly talk.






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