Dendrobium speciosum

King of Orchids

Dendrobium speciosum to me is the King of Orchids. I have loved the Australian bush all my life, and get away whenever I can for walks or fishing the rivers on the East Coast of New South Wales. During one of these walks with my brother in the late 70's we came across a plant of Dendrobium speciosum var. hillii. It was a massive clump that had fallen from a huge eucalypt and I removed 5 canes and brought them back to me in Sydney, it thrived and grew into a clump over 2m across.

Over the next 10 years I developed a love of all orchids and especially species orchids, from all over the world, which we grew in a bushhouse in our backyard.

My love of Australian native orchids and especially the Dendrobiums grew stronger, and the pull to Dendrobium speciosum was such that it had me under its spell and I must say it's my favourite.

In Australia there has always had a small band of individuals who have grown Dendrobium speciosum in its many varieties, and have gone on to grow and promote growing from seed to save our navive orchids. You have to be special, some say mad, to concentrate your efforts on growing and breeding a plant that may take 12-14 years to flower from seed. Especially the devoted group of individuals who are line breeding some of these magnificent plants. Not all Dendrobium speciosum will take that long to flower, some of the different varieties and nursery raised plants can flower in 6-7 years. However, when they flower it is all worth it. A single inflorescence that is 700 mm long with 100 plus fully opened 75mm tall flowers all perfectly spaced so the whole raceme looks like a huge foxtail. I almost forgot about the honey sweet all pervading perfume, ah for spring.

OK, if your interested then come on in and enjoy this site that is dedicated to the King of orchids.

I have tried to gather all the information that is available today on this marvellous orchid. In these pages you will find articles that have been written on the species by some gifted people in the native orchid scene in Australia.

Information covering the following
Feeding program
Potting materials
Structure of the various types including geographical locations and climatic conditions.
Roots, pseudobulbs, leaves, inflorescence, flowers, fruit.
Pests and diseases.

Articles that have been written over the last 15 years from some of this countries best writers and
Information on flasking and deflasking plants, pests, diseases and virus. Sources for more information on Australian Native Orchids.

Pictures of plants in the wild, in culture in bushhouses and flasks, deflasking, deflasking and seedlings to 3 year olds. Pictures from shows and on the show benches plus upcoming shows for the spring of '03 and the Native Orchid Conference to be held in '04. Lists of top clones from all varieties.

Links to Nurseries that are involved in breeding programs of Dendrobium speciosum. Links to A.N.O.S. Inc. and local groups. Links to periodicals that feature Australian Native Orchids. Other links of interest.





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