spacer.gif (56 bytes) The Eldar struggle to maintain their ancient ways in craftworlds
floating through the Warhammer 40,000 universe.

Welcome the Farill Elach Craftworld.  Farill Elach means "Keepers of the way"

Welcome to the craftworld eldar realm of the "Keepers of the Way".
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Craftworld Force Descriptions
This section has pictures of the troops and vehicles
used by Farill Elach Craftworld.
Each picture is accompanied by some eldar tactics for beginners.

Heavy Support
Falcon Grav Tank | Fire Prism Grav Tank | Dark Reaper | Wraithlord | Warwalker

Storm Guardian | Defender Guardian | Ranger

Fire Dragon | Fire Dragon Exarch | Howling Banshee | Howling Banshee Exarch
| Striking Scorpion | Striking Scorpion Exarch | Warp Spider | Wraithguard

The craftworld leaders

Avatar | Warlock | Farseer | Jain Zar | Karandras

Fast Attack
Swooping Hawk | Swooping Hawk Exarch | Jetbike | Vyper

Eldar Tactics
A few fundamantal tactics tips for those craftworld eldar
hoping to survive in the Warhammer 40k universe

Basic Eldar Tactics

Hand to hand combat calculator
This hand to hand combat calculator simulates a combat round
between two squads (an attacker and a defender)
to help players gauge the probable outcome of that round.
Combat Calculator

Pictures of my struggles with painting my army


Pictures of my foes and their miniatures.
Some very nice painting and conversions.
Rogues Gallery

Pictures of some scenery I've made.
Scenery Gallery

Some inspiration and ideas for
Painting and Conversions

Avatar by Laurie Goodridge | Vibrocannon by MC23
Raider by Bill Polach | IG Colonel by Jason Little

Free Game Counters
If like me, you have trouble keeping track of the status
of various units during a game (pinned, weapon destroyed etc),
you might find these game counters handy.
Game Counters

Do It Yourself
Notes on how some of the scenery and conversions were made.
There are also some painting tips


Golden Daemon Sydney 1999

Ice terrain | Crimsonfists V Orks
Space Wolf statue | Modular terrain 1 | Modular terrain 2

Some of the Golden Daemon winners
Slayer sword winner | Young Bloods winner
Troops 2nd place

Golden Daemon Sydney 2000
ANZAC Roughrider |Dungeon | Empire Imperial Guard
Jetbike Farseer | Ork Landraider | Nurgle Landraider
Tallaran HQ | WWI German Roughrider

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