spacer.gif (56 bytes) Hand to hand combat calculator


SQUAD 1 (Attacker) SQUAD 2 (Defender)
WS S T W I A Ld Sv


Extra HtH weapon Power weapon
Frag/Plasma grenades Power fist
Invulnerable save Always first

No of Attackers:


WS S T W I A Ld Sv


Extra HtH weapon Power weapon
In cover Power fist
Invulnerable save Always first

No of Defenders:


Summary only
Full details (slow - not recommended for more than 20 runs)

No of runs:

This hand to hand combat calculator simulates a combat round between two squads (an attacker and a defender) to help players gauge the probable outcome of that round.

The calculator works by running the combat a number of times (your choice) according to the rules, using randomly generated numbers to simulate the roll of dice.

Just as in the game itself, one can be lucky and overcome probability with good dice roles in a round of combat. The same holds true for this hand to hand combat calculator and that is why there is an option to "run" the combat many times to get a better indication of the true probabilities. In short, the more "runs" you make the more accurate the calculator will be.

To use the calculator, simply fill in the stats; number in the respective squads, their weapons and the number of runs and then hit the "Calculate" button.

For troops like Howling Banshees or other troops that always hit first, check the "always first" box.

If you want to see the full details of a combat then select the "Full details" option. This option will show all the dice rolls and their results for each run, whereas the summary is just that, a summary of numerous runs.

Using the summary option will enable the calculator perform hundreds or thousands of "runs" very quickly (of course this does depend on your computer).

While the "Full details" can be interesting, it does slow things down a a bit.

If you're having trouble figuring out how the calculator should be filled in, just hit the sample button below to see how 10 Eldar Howling Banshees (as attackers), do against 10 Space Marines Terminators in cover as defenders.

The calculator was written by my girlfriend Karen.  Lucky aren't I.

Also thanks to Tim Cooper for sending us some new coding to turbo charge the calculator.