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spacer.gif (56 bytes) The Eldar are renowned for their anti-grav technology. It is not uncommon to see numerous Jetbikes on the battlefield preceding the main Eldar war host. The Jetbikes are quick and manoeuvrable allowing them to harry the enemy at will. Jetbikes are armed with shuriken catapults and sometimes shuriken cannons. The bulk of the jetbike shields the rider from some of the incoming fire to raise the rider's toughness to 4 and armour save to 3+.


To get the most out of a squad of Jetbikes it is wise to use them in large squads so that they can take a few casualties before they have to take a leadership test.

Jetbikes can be used to harry, screen or support.

When using the Jetbikes to harry or support it is wise to up grade 1 in 3 jetbikes with the shuriken cannon. The shuriken cannon will give your squad longer range and harder hitting power. If you upgrade to shuriken cannons, keep the Jetbikes with the cannons at the back of the squad so that you can take advantage of their range, this also keeps them alive longer if they get assaulted. It is worth keeping in mind that once you're in range to use the shuriken catapults, you are also in range to get assaulted by the enemy squad that you are firing at. Like most of the rest of the Eldar troops, Jetbikes work better in combination with other troops in your army.

When using your Jetbikes as a screen it is a waste of points to up-grade them with shuriken cannons as they will suffer heavy casualties and will probably end up falling back, unable to regroup.  One way to help jetbikes last longer as a screen is to have a Farseer nearby (preferably on a jetbike or in a Falcon or Wave serpent so he can keep up) to cast "fortune" (re-roll failed armour saves) on them.  I've found that 9 jetbikes will soak up a huge amount of firepower when they get to re-roll their armour saves.

If you're planning to assault with the Jetbikes, the addition of a Warlock with a witchblade or singing spear to the squad can add a potent anti-vehicle capability to the squad.  Warlocks are also handy as they can have the warlock powers of either "conceal" (5+ cover save to whole squad) or "enhance" (+1 Weapon Skill and +1 initiative).

Because of the higher toughness and better armour save, a large squad of Jetbikes can hold up most enemy squads in hand to hand for at least two or three turns. Because of the high points cost of the Jetbikes it is worthwhile choosing an enemy squad to assault that represents a big enough threat to your army to justify you tying up so many points on an objective. Heavy weapons teams are a good target.  Large groups in hand to hand combat block line of sight so they can inadvertently provide either you or your opponent with a large area of cover to sneak around.  So be careful, and try and make sure, that you control where the hand to hand combat takes place (if you can, of course). 

Space Marines can make short work of jetbikes in hand to hand, particularly if there is a veteran sergeant or other character with a power weapon, so it is best to avoid getting into such a situation unless absolutely necessary.  A lot of points can be lost very quickly otherwise.

Jetbikes can be used in combination with your other squads to get behind the enemy to take advantage of the crossfire rules. The Jetbikes go around the back and fire into the enemy squad and the other squad also fires, by which time the target squad will probably be forced to take a leadership test. If the enemy squad doesn't fall back and get destroyed by the Jetbikes, then both of your squads can assault.

The Jetbikes are also good for obtaining scenario objectives like "take and hold"; "cleanse" and "rescue", where speed is an asset.

Basic Tactics