Storm Guardian

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spacer.gif (56 bytes) The Guardians of the Eldar are the backbone of most Eldar armies. Every Eldar is trained to fight, so that in times of need, every Eldar will be ready to do their duty. Storm Guardians are armed with a shuriken pistol and a sword but also may carry plasma, krak and haywire grenades.

The main tactical role of the storm squad is that of assault.


Storm Guardians as best used against foes with low strength, toughness or armour save, such as Imperial Guardsmen. Use large squads of at least 10 or more, so that, break tests don't have to be taken too often.

As the Guardian's amour save is only 5+ it is wise to use available cover and to spread the troops out to avoid receiving too many casualties if the squad come under fire from a barrage or ordince. Purchasing a Wave Serpent for a squad of Storm Guardians will improve their chance of getting to grips with the enemy in full strength.

Placing a warlock with the squad can enhance their survival and effectiveness in hth.

Storm Guardians are also useful for tying up heavy weapons teams in hth so they can't shoot in the next turn. If you are assaulting small squads armed with heavy weapons, Imperial Guard for example, try to assault 2 squads at once. Assaulting 2 small squads at once reduces the chance that the victorious Guardians don't get left standing out in the open (with no foe in hand to hand, when the combat is over), begging to be shot to pieces.


If you are thinking about using Storm Guardians against tanks, then I'd suggest taking haywire grenades.  If a tank has moved moved 6" or less in the last turn, you will need a 4+ to hit it.  A 6 will need to be rolled if the tank moved more than 6".   A smart foe will move their tank as soon as they see a Wave Serpent or squad approaching it. You want to make sure that the few hits that you do make, are effective, because the assaulted tank and the rest of the enemy force will kill many (if not all) of the Guardians in the next turn.

Plasma genades are an almost mandatory choice if you think that you'll be assaulting a foe in cover.

Krak grenades at strength 6 are only really effective against the lighter tanks and vehicles as they need to be used against the back of the big tanks to be effective.

The addition of 2 flamers to a squad can do wonders against lightly armoured foes such as Dark Eldar and Imperial Guard.  When using flamers it is wise to keep in mind that if you wipe most of the enemy that is within charging range, you may get stuck out in the open and your Storm Guardians will get shot to pieces.   I recommend positioning your troops near two squads so that you can flame and shoot one and then charge the other.

Basic Tactics