Striking Scorpion

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spacer.gif (56 bytes) Striking Scorpions are heavily armoured (3+ save), hand to hand specialists. Because of the heavier armor that is worn, only the strongest Eldar (Strength 4) follow the path of the Striking Scorpion. The Striking Scorpions are armed with a chain sword and shuriken pistol. Incorporated into the Striking Scorpion's helmet is the Mandiblaster, which allows a special strength 4 attack on a roll of 4+ in hand to hand at intiative 7.  Because of their heavier armour, Striking Scorpions can't run (fleet of foot).


By having 3+ armour and strength of 4, Striking Scorpions are as good at spearheading an assault as they are defending a position. Striking Scorpions are quite durable in hand to hand and will enable your other troops to move up while they tie up the enemy in hand to hand.

It is wise to use Striking Scorpions in large squads to make sure there aren't many survivors of an assault to hit back. Having larger squads also means that more casualties can be absorbed before a leadership test is taken.

Striking Scorpions are best used against foes with low armour saves such as Dark Eldar and Imperial Guard.  Power and Terminator armour can reduce the Scorpions effectiveness dramatically, unless they can get some support from a near by friendly squad.  Such foe are best left to Howling banshees.

With the option to buy haywire grenades, Striking Scorpions can be very effective against tanks.

Striking Scorpions can also be used to protect Dark Reapers and Support Weapons Batteries. A squad of Striking Scorpions will deter most foes from coming through the "back door". Most troops (with the exception of Terminators) that can infiltrate or "Deep Strike", will (if their commander is wise) stay out of assault range of a large squad of Striking Scorpions.

An Exarch is a valuable addition to a squad, as its higher skill can help the squad stand its ground. The Exarch has a weapons skill of 5 and it also gets another attack that can be useful against enemy Characters, therefore it is important to position your Exarch so it can get into base to base contact with them.

Purchasing a wave serpent for your Striking Scorpions can improve their effectiveness as they will have a better chance of arriving close to the enemy, sooner, with fewer casualties. Imagine what two squads of ten Striking Scorpions transported in Wave Serpents would do to an enemy commander's moral, when they disembark!

As with most Eldar troops it is more effective to use Striking Scorpions in combination with other troops to achieve maximum results. For eg. Warp spiders could warp behind a Rhino, shoot at it to cause it to disgorge its troops, after which, the Striking Scorpions can shoot the survivors (as one does). If the enemy fall back, they will be destroyed by the Warp Spiders, due to the crossfire rule. If they don't fall back, both squads could assault whatever is left.

When facing hand to hand armies like Tyrannids or Orks, it's wiser to shoot the enemy from a distance rather than commit to deploying too many of your own hand to hand troops. The Striking Scorpions can still be used against such armies to deter and deal with threats such as Lictors.

Fighting specialist hand to hand armies with an army composed of mainly hand to hand troops will only lead to tears, as you will be fighting in a way that favours your foe. Make your enemy fight in a way that favours you.

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