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Training runs during school terms only at Holy Trinity Primary School:

TUESDAYS: Holy Trinity Primary School (94 Weidlich Road, Eltham North, Melway Ref 21 F1)

6.00pm to 7.00pm: 6 y.o. to adult TAEKWONDO


FRIDAYS: Holy Trinity Primary School (94 Weidlich Road, Eltham North, Melway Ref 21 F1)

7.00pm to 8.00pm: 6 y.o. to adult TAEKWONDO

8.00pm to 9.00pm: 10 y.o. to adult Mixed Martial Art SELF DEFENCE


Term Fees (for approximately 10 weeks):

Individual:  $150 (for 1 lesson a week)

Individual:  $200 (for 2 to 3 lessons a week)

      Family:  $200 (for 1 to 3 lessons a week)

The introductory lesson is free.  All classes run during school term only and are open to beginners.  


TAE KWON DO REGULAR TRAINING is conducted in the same way it has been traditionally done for hundreds of years, and is an effective self defence systems of strikes, blocks and grappling attacks and counter moves.  Our classes also have a component with a strong focus on modern kicking and non contact sparring using an exciting range of techniques as seen in the Olympic Games.


TAE KWON DO PATTERNS involve a series of slow motion movements of the hands and feet done in different stationary or slowly changing stances.  The movements are designed to develop strong traditional techniques, stretch and strengthen the entire body, sharpen the concentration and way of thinking, calm the mind and control the emotions, and develop a strong spirit.  Pattern demonstrations are also used during grading promotions.


SEPARATE SELF DEFENCE CLASSES involve a powerful combination of boxing, weapons and self defence.  Our classes focus on personal development and survival skills, with a big emphasis on traditional training methods, and both armed and unarmed self defence techniques taught in a safe environment.


What to wear:

Please have clean feet and short clean toenails at training.  You can wear something loose fitting and casual as a beginner.


FREE DOWNLOADS:                                                 PATTERNS

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FOR AUDIO FILE VISIT  www.myspace.com/elthamtaekwondo

For free audio software download visit http://www.abilitywatch.com.au/tkd/setup.zip





TAEKWONDO  - Fist Foot Art  CHARYEOT  - Attention SEOGI  - Stance
SABOMNIM  - Instructor  KYUNG YE  - Bow JIREUGI  - Punch
DOJANG  - Training Hall CHOOMBI  - Ready CHIREUGI  - Stab
DOBOK  - Training Uniform  SIJAK  - Start CHIGI  - Hit
POOMSE  - Patterns   PARO  - Back to start position CHAGI  - Kick
KYORUGI - Sparring  SHOA  - At ease MAKKI  - Block
HOSHINSOOL  - Self Defence DORA  - Turn MOM UMJIGIGI  - Change position 
KYOKPA  - Breaking  GALYEO  - Break    
KIHAP  - Yell (e.g. yap)  KAESOK  - Continue     





 - Feet together


 - Body

AP CHAGI  - Front kick
NARANHI SEOGI  - Natural stance  PAL  - Arm DOLLYO CHAGI  - Roundhouse kick
JOO CHOOM SEOGI  - Horse riding stance PALMOK  - Wrist YEOP CHAGI  - Side kick
AP GOOPI  - Forward stance PALKOOP  - Elbow DWIT CHAGI  - Back kick
DWIT GOOPI  - Back stance SON  - Hand NAERYO CHAGI  - Axe kick
AP SEOGI  - Front (short) stance SONNAL  - Knife hand BANDAL CHAGI  - Crescent kick
BEOM SEOGI  - Tiger stance JOOMEOK  - Fist DOLGAE CHAGI  - Spinning roundhouse
KOA SEOGI  - Twisting stance BATANG SON  - Heel palm HOORYO CHAGI  - Spinning wheel kick
HAKTARI SEOGI  - Crane stance  BAL  - Foot DWIT NAKA CHAGI  - Back hook kick
    MOOREUP  - Knee TWIEO CHAGI  - Jumping kick
    DARI  - Leg  GOOLLEO CHAGI  - Sliding kick


      NARAE CHAGI  - Double jump roundhouse




BANDAE JIREUGI  - Normal punch ARAE MAKKI  - Low block MOM TONG JIREUGI  - Body Punch
BARO JIREUGI  - Reverse punch MOMTONG MAKKI  - Body block DOOBEON JIREUGI  - Double punch
OREUN  - Right MOMTONG AHN MAKKI  - Inside body block YEOP JIREUGI  - Side punch
OEN  - Left MOMTONG BAKAT MAKKI  - Outside body block SONNAL MOK CHIGI  - Chop to neck
GIBON CHOOMBI  - Basic ready position EOLGUL MAKKI  - Face block SONNAL BAKAT CHIGI  - Reverse chop to  neck
TONG MILGI CHOOMBI  - Sphere pushing      GEODERO MAKKI  - Double body block SON KEUT CHIREUGI  - Spear thrust


   ready position 

SONNAL MAKKI  - Double knife hand block KALJAEBI  - Open hand strike (to throat)


GAWI MAKKI     - 'Scissor' block JEOCHIO JIREUGI  - Twisting punch
NOOLEO MAKKI  - Downwards palm block DEUNG JOOMEOK  - Back fist strike
Poomse Seconds Actions BATANG SON MAKKI  - Palm body block ME JOOMEOK  - Hammer fist
IL (1) JANG 18-24 18 HECHYO MAKKI  - Double (spreading) block


 - Face block and chop to neck
E (2) JANG 20-25 18 EOTGEOREO MAKKI  - Crossed fist low block MOOREUP KEOKI  - Knee break
SAM (3) JANG 22-27 20 SANTEUL MAKKI  - 'Mountain' block BATANG SON  - Heel palm
SAH (4) JANG 28-32 20 OESANTEUL MAKKI  - High block one side, PYON JOOMEOK  - Face knuckle attack
OH (5) JANG 30-35 20       low block other side DOL CHEOGI  - Both fists to one side
YUK (6) JANG 35-40 19 KEUMGANG MAKKI  - Face block one side,     
CHIL (7) JANG 35-40  25      low block other side    
PAL (8) JANG 35-40  27 HWANGSO MAKKI  - 'Bullhorn' block    


 Approach others with respect,   DOOL 2 IL GOP 7  
 courtesy, and humility.   SET 3 YEO DOL 8  
 Give my best endeavour   NET 4 AH HOP 9  
 Use my knowledge responsibly.   DA SOT 5 YEOL 10