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In the Tae Kwon Do program you can enjoy all the benefits of a Traditional Martial Art that incorporates a balanced use of Martial Arts skills in a self defence program designed to give you maximum protection in life threatening situations.  We will teach you effective self protection skills from standing attacks, and attacks if you get knocked down.



- Achievement through belt system builds self esteem
- Structured classes teach discipline
- Positive outlet for aggression
- Successful learning builds confidence
- Learn valuable self defence skills
- One-on-one remedial coaching available


- Get fit
- Relieve stress
- Gain confidence through practical skills
- Learn survival skills
- Enjoyable training




With skills drawn from multiple systems, and with an emphasis on respect and courtesy, a student of our self defence program is prepared for the kind of situations they might meet on the street.  We will teach you how to defend yourself effectively with and without weapons.


Advanced self defence classes are a part of our Black Belt program.  Emphasis is given to an understanding of when these abilities should be applied and the responsibilities that go with knowing how to defend yourself.