Eltham Taekwondo

  established 1974 

Telephone 9435 6000


Tae Kwon Do

Self Defence




Why Train Here?

Why train with Eltham Taekwondo?  Good question.  It depends on what you're looking for by training in the Martial Arts. 

At Eltham Taekwondo, our training is geared for people just like you that want a smart start in the martial arts.  If you're searching for a practical self defence training, a fun way to get fit, increase flexibility, and have a good time while doing it then Eltham Taekwondo is for you!

Interested in the benefits of martial arts training like discipline, focus, and effort?  You've come to the right place.  Because our focus is Korean Tae Kwon Do and Self Defence.  Discipline, focus, and effort are built into every training session.

Our Instructors

The Tae Kwon Do head instructor at this dojang, Neil Motyer, has been teaching martial arts for over 45 years.  You can feel confident that our training history is legitimate and that our instructors have the experience to teach you correctly.

You will never have to worry about being taught by an unqualified black belt at Eltham Taekwondo.

What We Are Not

We are not a sport martial art, or tournament oriented school.

Learn simple, very effective defences against:
  • Pushes, punches, and kicks
  • Grabs and holds
  • Chokes and joint locks
  • Knives, guns and sticks
  • Being taken to the ground
  • And more!


For more information, please telephone Neil on (03) 9435 6000 or send an e-mail to