In search of nohands
one b3tan's quest for the ultimate kitten

Since his initial appearance on over a year ago, the furry creature known as "Nohands" has become a minor Internet legend, spawning hundreds of photoshopped variations, viral emails, animations, and even a dedicated gallery. The picture was originally posted anonymously, and only after some months was claimed by a user called "bugger", who has since remained silent.

One member of Ratemykitten, derekdude, who also posts as we, consistently claims to be Nohands' owner, and has uploaded pictures of the kitten at different ages. Unfortunately, he has not replied to my attempts to get in touch, so I haven't been able to verify his claims.

Despite some inconsistencies in derekdude's story, I'm prepared to tentatively take it at face value, because it gives me the opportunity to claim that the real Nohands has been located, after a fashion. From the information given in various posts, I have reconstructed a potted history of the feline behind the Internet star.

Born on June 10th, 2001, the kitten was named Orange Broder. There are six known pictures of the orange tabby, the first and most famous of which was posted on Ratemykitten in May 2002 and soon reached the Top 20. From there, Orange Broder's cuteness and uniquely versatile position drew him into an unparalleled career as a photoshop model.

     A very young Orange Broder

    Watching his weight

   Look ma, no hands!

   Such poise

    Orange Broder is sleeping

    Resting on his laurels

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