Tim's Projects (and lost bits)

* RGB SCART to JAMMA Adapter version 2 (by popular demand) <<<NEW

* RGB SCART to JAMMA Adapter

* Sega Game Gear Repair

* Connect a Sega Game Gear to ANY TV

* Sega Master System FM Sound Expansion

* RGB video DAC for Nintendo 64

* Atgames SMS/GG 20 in 1 MCU Emulator

* Variable Speed Rapid Fire

* How to Connect a Sega Game Gear to a TV via RGB SCART

* Mpxplayer - Mp3 player mkII

* Ned Kelly Lamp

* Portable Active Speaker

* Game Console to SCART (Cable Diagrams)

* Video Amp for Arcade Monitor - VGA/SCART to JAMMA

* Mini Bench RGB Monitor

* Electronic SCART Switchbox

* Mp3 Player - a stereo component with a CRT

* Automatic VGA/SCART/Audio Switch

* How to use a SCART TV in a MAME cabinet

* Other projects - smaller/older projects

* My Guestbook awaits your scrawlings <<<OFFLINE

* Links - Linxz0rz! <<<OFFLINE

Last updated 30th of January, 2011

Tim Worthington
email: eviltim at optusnet.com.au

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